New Man in Charge

Gilbert takes over Yearbook, Student Store to streamline school leadership activities


Daniel Onofrio, Sports Editor

There’s a new school store and yearbook teacher at Milford High School. His name is Dave Gilbert and he has taken over School Store, Yearbook and continues to be the Leadership teacher. After many successful years as the Leadership teacher, he has added new responsibilities and yearbook and school store are flourishing.

“I feel as if it is a step in a better direction because Mr.Gilbert has been involved with student activities for a while and it helps the yearbook by refreshing the format of the layout from the last couple of yearbooks,” said Senior Yearbook member Stevenson Sakalian.

The emotion and excitement is already building for this year’s yearbook.

“When Mr. Mckenna came to me at the end of last year and asked me if I wanted take on these positions, I was excited,” said Gilbert, “I’ve loved teaching and helping in the special education program, but I have developed a passion engaging all students and helping create a strong school culture. Leadership, School Store, and Yearbook all can feed off one another, so I welcomed the opportunity.”

Since Gilbert has been the Leadership teacher for a while, he knows how to get kids involved. He has been in contact with Mike Smith, an inspirational speaker who is trying to bring school bodies together and get rid of cliches.  Gilbert has the same mission and hopes to get the whole student body involved and engaged in school activities.

He is aware that it is almost impossible to get every single student involved. Some kids just do not want to do some things, but Gilbert believes that even if one more student goes to a band concert or school play, that one student makes a difference.

Having this mentality helps a lot when one is trying to bring the school together and since Gilbert has the opportunity with the main three student activity classes, the expectations are high.

Examples of the change in management have already became present. This includes sales on neon gear during the construction out and “Beat Lakeland” shirts that urged people to attend the rivalry game in White Lake. These are just two examples and the first term is not even over. Another example of the classes being connected is the Yearbook theme being connected to the Homecoming theme.

The change in teaching positions to put Mr.Gilbert in charge was an attempt to bring the three classes together, and connect the yearbook, school store and Leadership with one teacher, so all three classes can work together and mainstream the day-to-day student activities.