Behind the Scenes: An Exclusive interview with Megan Weeks


Ben Mondrush

Megan Weeks relaxing between stressful sessions of dealing with students.

Ben Mondrush, Staff Writer

Teachers are one of the most influential figures in the lives of high school students and we’re lucky enough to have so many teachers at Milford High who are known to have such positive influences on their students. One of these teachers is the magnificent speech and drama teacher, Megan Weeks.

“Be ready to have the best class of your life,” said Senior Allie Mobey. “It’s very refreshing to have a class that you enjoy going to and I think everyone should take a class taught by Megan Weeks.”

Mobey has taken numerous classes with Weeks and can’t stress enough just how much fun they are. And in so many ways the skills you learn in those classes help with all kinds of presentation and social skills that can be used in your everyday life.

But what makes a teacher like this so significant? What about this teacher creates such a positive impact on students? And what is it about this teacher that all of her students praise her?
But I, my friends, have had the privilege of compiling a list of 10 burning questions for an exclusive interview with this iconic teacher. Join me as I go behind the scenes with Megan Weeks.

Who Are You?

“I am what everyone dreams would be their best friend. I’m what everyone wants hanging out at their house after school. I’m… I’m exactly who you want me to be”

How long have you been teaching?

“I have been teaching for 19 years.”

What is your favorite class to teach?

“Ooh, good question. I really love Stagecraft because it’s so flexible and different and we do some really fun, weird little projects in there. But there are certain elements of ELA 11 that I do enjoy, not as a whole, just certain books. Like The Count of Monte Cristo which would change your life.”

What made you want to teach?

“I worked in Chicago in an office for about four or five years and it was boring. It was the same thing day in and day out. And I probably would have grown into becoming an HR person and probably be making six figures by now, but that’s fine. We’ll just let that go. But I wanted a job that was creative and interesting and different every day. So teaching seemed to fit the bill.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t teaching?

“Um, I’d probably be an HR administrator in Chicago making six figures, but I probably wouldn’t be that happy. That’s my guess. Because it just seems like that would get really boring because it’s all just a bunch of adults complaining all the time.”

What is your favorite color?

“This is a difficult question. Because it’s like “to wear” or “to look at” and these are different things. I wear a lot of black but that’s because that’s my job. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite color. I really enjoyed purple overall as a color both to view and occasionally I wear it. So I’m going to go with purple.”

What are your opinions on spicy food?

“Oh, ooh, ooh. Spicy food and I aren’t really friends. So a Mexican spice stays with you for a long time, sometimes more than it needs to. An Asian spice sometimes is hotter but it doesn’t stay with you, it goes away. So if I had to pick a spice I would pick in the Asian family of spices because it still has some flavor and it doesn’t linger. But otherwise, I’m not- I don’t want to put hot sauce on anything unless I have to.”

When was the last time you wore a cone party hat?

“It’s been a long time. Mainly because that elastic strip that goes around your neck- I find very constricting and uncomfortable.”

From your perspective, why are you the way you are?

“Well it’s hard when you’re so perfect, right? And perfection is so- no I’m just kidding. Um, I was raised by a very independent mother so I think that makes me very independent.”

One thing you want the students of MHS to know?

“You should take Theater class and you should be in shows or you should try something new while you’re in high school. You should always be involved and work hard at something because it will turn out better if you work hard.”

Although initially seeming frivolous, these questions let us look further into Weeks’ psyche to fully understand what goes on behind the scenes. I hope this has opened your eyes as much as it has mine.