How to ace college applications

Olivia Mobley, Opinion Editor

September 30, 2016

With the school year just beginning, most seniors are at the very least relieved to be almost done with high school. Little do they realize that senior year is the start of the rest of their lives. Within the first months of senior...

Indiana primary results

Nathan Grigereit, Staff Writer

May 6, 2016

On May 3rd, the Indiana Primary changed the race for the Presidency of the United States. Indiana is considered a key state in the race for the White House. This primary can affect the nomination for the Democratic and Republic...

Milford shuts down water supplies with excess copper

Cami Munce, Community Editor

April 21, 2016

With the recent lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan, many school districts have begun testing their own systems to ensure that their water systems are safe. On March 19, Huron Valley Schools (HVS) tested the water at all levels ...

New York primary leads Clinton closer to nomination

Nathan Grigereit, Staff Writer

April 20, 2016

On April 19th, the New York primary was held. The primary is considered to be one of the most important primaries held. The state is a key state for delegates, and it can change the course of the presidential nomination. There ...

The Week Before Deca Internationals

Ben Walsh, Staff Writer

April 15, 2016

With it being the week before the final DECA competition, the finalists from States are preparing themselves for the trip to Nashville, Tennessee, where the final competition is held. Milford senior Chris Williams is one of the ...

The Michigan primary: the real March Madness

Nathan Grigereit, Staff Writer

March 23, 2016

The Michigan Primary was held on March 8. The two winners of the primary were Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.  Trump earned 36.5% of the Republican vote and Bernie Sanders earned 49.8% of the Democratic Party vote. The c...

Milford increases awareness of safety protocols

Karen Danner, Staff Writer

March 18, 2016

Within the past few years, the risk of gun violence in schools has become more prominent in the public spotlight. Since 2013, there have been 142 incidents of a firearm being discharged on school grounds, according to a study...

Future Mavs from Muir visit MHS

Cami Munce, Community Editor

March 14, 2016

Mlford Leadership welcomed the incoming freshmen class from Muir Middle School last week. Leadership has been having the 8th graders tour Milford since the class began years ago. In total, this class will not only welcome Mui...

Milford High School has Donated Hundreds of Jeans for the Homeless Adults and Teens in our Community.

March 9, 2016

With a high amount of homelessness in the community and surrounding areas Milford high school took part in a charity help raise clothes to keep the less fortunate warm in the cold winter. Orchestrating this charity drive is the work ...