MHS skis to the finish line

MHS skis to the finish line

Karen Danner, Staff Writer

The Milford Ski Team has turned a weak winter into a great season. While the area hasn’t had much snow, Alpine Valley has made up for it, producing their own snow for the skiers to use.

“The ski team is like one giant family, and we all just have so much fun together,”

said Milford junior and co-captain of the girl’s ski team, Jordan
Misaros. “And even though we can’t do anything after each person finishes because of how fast the racers are going, we gather in our team room at Alpine and eat dinner together.”

The girl’s team has won five of its seven races, similar to last year’s record. The boy’s team has won three races, a decline from last year’s record. With the loss of a very good skier, Corey Brush, who graduated last year, the team is trying to make up for the loss. 

The teams are also slightly smaller than last year, but they’re still managing to do well in their races. There are four top skiers for each team. The girl´s top four performers are Natalie Kerwin, Morgan Watts, Jordan Misaros and Alex Youngblood. The guy´s team switches the top players, including Nolan Bailey, Alex Staman, Nathan Punches, William Bailey and Nathan Camelirri.

Due to the changes in the weather, the upcoming races have been moved to next week.