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Karen Danner, Staff Writer

Karen Danner is currently a twelfth grade student at Milford High School.

She grew up in Highland, Michigan with her parents, her two sisters and her brother. It wasn't until she entered eighth grade that a pet entered her life, when her sister brought a cat home.
Karen has been involved with the Mackinac Island Honor Scout program, a special group of scouts that serve as the Governor’s Honor Guard, for the past six years, loving everything about it. The group goes up to Mackinac Island to assist tourists around Fort Mackinac and the Downtown area; raise and lower the flags around the island; and explore the island's secrets. Her most treasured memories are of the island and the girls she met through the program.
While her future plans are undecided, she has an interest in criminology, psychology and sociology, and would like to learn more about these fields. As of right now, it looks like Karen will be attending Oakland Community College for a little while before transferring over to Central Michigan University.

Karen has been a diligent reader from a young age, and has also developed a passion for writing.

When she isn't working on homework, she can be found playing fetch with her cat, taking her cat outside for a walk, watching movies with her brother, hanging out with friends, reading hard books or taking a nap.

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Karen Danner