To the People Who have had a Strong Influence on Students’ Lives


Karen Danner, Staff Writer

Looking back over the years, it’s hard to think about how much one person has changed our lives. It doesn’t matter what this person’s role is, whether it’s a teacher, friend, parent or even a stranger.

All it takes is one moment, a word or action, big or small, it doesn’t really matter.

To our teachers, who have put up with so much over the year(s) we have them. We might not vocalize how much we appreciate your efforts with us. You’ve used countless hours teaching us lessons that we can take with us as we go. We appreciate the amount of patience you’ve had when answering our repetitive questions or dealing with us when we just don’t feel like concentrating. We take what you do for us for granted, when we really don’t pay much attention to it at first. So thank you for helping us grow, making us better, and offering up some of the knowledge you’ve gather over the years.

To our administration, who makes sure that we’re doing our best everyday. Well, it’s true that we’re almost always frustrated with you, but we also understand that it’s your job — enforcing the rules, handing out punishments and monitoring us. The first thing we should say, is sorry; we understand that this is your job and well we might be rebellious and stubborn, but we really do appreciate what you do for us. Along with the bad things, we recognize the good that you do. Making sure that the building is a safe place to learn, and that we’re able to come to you with problems.

To our parents, for making sure that we’re able to be our very best. Sure, we don’t always see eye-to-eye, but in the end we know where each other are coming from. You’ve been there for my every move- when I get an achievement, am having a crisis or when I just want to watch movies from under a blanket and hide from the world- you help us get back to a ‘normal’. The endless hours of arguments mean nothing in comparison to all the fun times we’ve had, the support you show and the love you give us. Seriously, thank you. We’ve never been good at expressing how we feel, and that probably won’t change in the near future. But please know that well we can be stubborn, we’re also blazing our own path and becoming our own person. It’s impossible to say that you’ve failed as a parent because of how great you’ve helped us become.

To our friends from the past. Thank you for the lessons you taught us before moving on to your next destination. The time we spent together, long or short, had some of the most amazing impacts on us. You’ve helped us grow in more ways that one. We’ll fondly remember the times we had together. When we long for another moment of those days, we quickly remember why everything fell apart. Whether time drove a wedge between us or something larger happened, it was probably for the best as no one is required to stay. Thank you for all of the ways you’ve helped us, and added to our character. It was my pleasure to call you friend, even for a short while.

To our current friends, thanks for having our backs and all the help you’ve given to help shape me into who we are today. There aren’t enough words for how grateful we are, and even if there were, we’re just too stubborn to say. My only wish is that our friendship survives the seasons, and blossoms over the coming years. With the future so near and the fear of falling apart, I’d like to wish you all the best on the path you choose to take. I may not like the path you follow, but I’ll stick by your side if you’ll have me. Thanks for being superbly you.

To the people we consider as enemies. Lets face it, we’ve had a rough patch. I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember what happened between us in the first place. For whatever happened between us, it’s best to bury the hatchet, for both of us. Maybe one day, we can look back on these times and laugh. My point is that life is short and we shouldn’t dwell on something like this. Id just like to say thanks for what you taught me, I’ve got no ill-will against you, and I’m rooting for you.

To the under-appreciated staff. This includes our bus drivers who put up with us and all of the drama we create; lunch ladies who make sure we’re getting food; the janitors that clean up after us, even when we should be able to do it ourselves. Thank you. For your kindness and everything you do to assist us. Throughout the years, you’ve dealt with some gross things, and at the time we didn’t say anything about it. But it’s high time to say thank you.

In the long run, there isn’t a person in our lives that hasn’t had an effect on us. In some small way, they’ve helped shape us into who we are today, so really, its nothing small at all. Everyone we’ve come into contact with has changed us for the better, so it’s about time that we recognize those who’ve helped us.