Milford pet store offers holiday cheer, furry friends

Megan Taggart

Pet Supplies Plus offers curbside pickup and many different types of pet supplies and animals, including ferrets.

Photos by Megan Taggart

Pet Supplies Plus offers curbside pickup and many different types of pet supplies and animals, including ferrets.

Megan Taggart, Business Manager

As the holidays arrive in Milford, many businesses are doing all they can to serve the community in the midst of a pandemic. At Pet Supplies Plus, workers and furry friends are delivering holiday cheer underneath masks and behind Plexiglas shields as they distribute curbside pick-ups to keep customers safer.

With rising COVID-19 cases, and stress amongst essential businesses, Pet Supplies Plus offers a joyful holiday shopping experience, while keeping customers and staff safe.

“In our store, team members and customers are wearing masks to keep safe. Hand sanitizer is also placed throughout the store,” stated cashier, Shaye Smalley. Decorations have been hung by store employees to provide a jolly shopping experience.

“Our Holiday decorations and music bring spirit into Pet Supplies Plus, and our limited-holiday items add a touch to a pets life,” expressed stock worker, Nik Pearson. With low-priced sales happening all throughout December, brands such as Redford Naturals, Purina, Aqueon, Kaytee, and many more can be found on sale. Excited about what’s offered, Scott Slater, owner and manager of Pet Supplies Plus shared that, “our store has some incredible deals this year; some of the best I’ve ever seen!”

Just before COVID-19 hit, Pet Supplies Plus was introduced to a curbside pickup service that also offered delivery. Due to the virus, the use of this option became crucial, keeping customers and staff safe.

“For our neighbors that do not want to come in and shop, we offer a same day delivery service, as well as a 1-hour curbside pickup option,” Slater said. With the store’s delivery option, orders must exceed the price of $35 or more; the delivery address must be within the store’s seven mile radius as well.

When a curbside pickup order has been placed, the customer will receive an email saying it’s ready. With four days to retrieve the order, one must call the store once arrived in the parking lot. The product that has been purchased will be brought out to one’s car, and placed in the trunk for social distancing purposes. “Our team is making holiday shopping a safe environment by promoting our online order feature,” expressed Pearson. “Without ever coming in contact with us: you click, we fetch.”

Aside from keeping one’s paws sanitized, and the incapability of wrestling together at the Milford Dog Park, tails are wagging all day long at Pet Supplies Plus. “The greatest part about working the holiday season would have to be meeting many new faces that come into our store, furry or scaly,” announced Slater.

“Whether a neighbor is grabbing a bag of food, or searching for the perfect present for their new reptile, puppy, or cat, it’s a very exciting time.” Christmas time usually is when families bring a new addition into their homes. At Pet Supplies Plus, many holiday toys, treats, and collars can be found to bring festivity to one’s dog or cat. “My favorite part of working the holiday season is seeing all of the festive pet costumes. There’s nothing cuter than a puppy with a Santa hat on,” Stevens said excitedly.

Working at Pet Supplies Plus also indicates the ability to handle and take care of reptiles, small animals, and fish. “Working with reptiles and small animals is very interesting to say the least,” said cashier, Emily Witkop. “Getting to interact with the pets in our store is one of my favorite things about going to work, they are all so different and it’s fun to figure out their personalities.”

Milford Pet Supplies Plus recently took in a Chinchilla and Ferret for adoption. “Reptiles and small animals are a special part of my work,” said Senior Ruby Stevens. “Most of them are friendly and want to be handled. The ferret for example wants to stay clinged to you all day!” Adding to what Stevens had to say, “Working with small animals and reptiles is the best part. Bonding with them and essentially taking care of them is an engaging task,” stated stock worker Finn Wilson.

Customers who frequently shop at Pet Supplies Plus will usually form bonds with the small team of 15 employees, the owner Scott Slater, and the manager Mark Slater. “My favorite part about working with the public would have to be coming across nice customers; these people always make my day better,” stated Smalley.

Oftentimes, the team will come across familiar faces that know where certain products are, but when a new face comes in, “it’s really rewarding to be able to help them out,” stock worker Parker Wyskiel added. “Sometimes people know what they want, and other times they only need a little help.” One special quality the Pet Supplies Plus team carries is the adaption to the community they serve. Learning about the customers preferences and personalities makes Pet Supplies Plus a welcoming, and helpful store. “I love meeting all the unique customers who come in and tell their pet stories-did you know people have piranhas?” Expressed Pearson.

While the team stocks the shelves for adorable furry friends, a self-pet wash station can be located in the back of the store. One wash is $10, but a five for $25 card is for sale, saving a customer $25. The wash is great for any type of dog or cat, and it’s open as soon as the store opens.

Customers can also bring their pets in for a wash, avoiding creating the mess at home. Washes can be purchased for $10 or 5 for $25.
(Megan Taggart)

With all the craziness of the pandemic, swing by Pet Supplies Plus and grab a gift card for a loved one-it’ll make one’s furry friend happy! While stopping in, be sure to get some bark-worthy treats at a low price. Pet Supplies Plus wanted to thank their neighbors for shopping local, and to have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.