This Ones for the Dogs! Milford Dog Park


Megan Taggart

Max, a German Shepard excited to play in the Milford Dog Park!

Megan Taggart, Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy Ann Barnette
The Milford Dog Park layout off General Motors Road.

If dogs could talk, what would they say? Well, I’m sure they’d be begging their owners to take them to Milford’s dog park! Yes, that’s right, Milford is building a dog park! As fall arrives, the air gets colder, and leaves start to fall, you may be wondering where to take your furry friend. Ann Barnette, organizer of the dog park, stated construction for the Milford Dog Park will start anywhere between the next 1-2 months. Where, you may ask? The park will be located at Hubble Pond Park South, located west of CVS and Pet Supplies Plus, off General Motors Road.

As the Milford Dog Park becomes a popular community usage, it’s important to recognize and thank Milford’s donors! If you visit and search “Milford Dog Park”, you will see the many wonderful donors such as Pet Supplies Plus, Rivers Edge Brewing Co., Huron Valley State Bank, and others! The community’s goal was to reach $20,000. As a small town community, and being the talk of the town, Milford reached their goal on May 31st, 2019. Currently, the small town over achieved their goal at $26,728. The LaFontaine family donated and funded a dog and human water fountain! “Just the fact that the village residents themselves created all the funding for it in a short time period is testimony that most people here would like to see it,” Barnette stated.

The park still hasn’t finalized any rules or events yet, but Katie Kokko, manager at the YMCA, states that as she’s seen, “people doing yoga with their dogs.” In addition, she would also like to see Milford have, “some kind of organized program where people can come together with their dogs to do stuff in the park.” Although official guidelines and events have not been established yet, Milford High School senior, Zak Kabalka, shares “having a dog park in Milford would bring people together and a lot of people could benefit and learn from this environment.”

As one may need one-on-one time with their furry friend, it is believed that “the people have a special place to take their dogs.” As Milford is a very outdoor and active community, Katie Kokko expresses “it’s an added benefit for those living here.”