2016-2017 Staff

Natalie Killingbeck

Assistant Features Editor

Natalie Killingbeck is a Senior at Milford High School. She plays for the Milford girls basketball team.

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Elise Carr

Co-Sports Editor

Elise Carr is a Senior at Milford High School.  She is the Co-Sports Editor during her first year writing for the Milford Messenger. She plays soccer and is involved in Leadership here at Milford High School. She enjoys traveling,...

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Courtney Fortin

Managing Editor

Courtney Fortin is a junior at Milford High School. This is her first year writing on the Milford Messenger and she is the managing editor. She is on the varsity cheer team and is involved in Student Council, National Honor Society,...

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Emily Lowe

Staff writer

Emily Lowe is a senior staff writer for the Milford Newspaper. She is currently on the Milford Volleyball team. She also plays for the girls tennis team in the spring and likes to snowboard in the winter with her friends.

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Chase Tabor

Sports Editor

Chase Tabor is 16 years old and a junior at MHS. He is an eccentric golf player and soon to be backup goalie for the varsity hockey team. He was born on the mean streets of Highland, and hopes to have a great future.

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Grace Hasley

Assistant Features Editor

Grace Hasley is a Sophomore at Milford High School. A way she gets involved with her school is by being on the JV sideline cheer team. During her free time she enjoys being with her friends and having a  good time.

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Sydney Rice

Staff Editor

Sydney Rice is an outgoing junior attending MHS. She plays softball and has an interest in photography. She has three puppies and a cat, as well as two little brothers who are a huge part of her life. Rice is from Ohio and hopes...

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Niklas A. Hegg

Staff Writer

Niklas Hegg is an aspring film maker hoping to go to GVSU. He is currently in News Paper to get more writing experience.

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Shelby Pryjomski

Photo Manager

Shelby Pryjomski is a senior at Milford who spends her time doing anything music related. Pryjomski is always playing gigs at festivals or local restaurants. One of her other passions in life is writing. She mostly writes poetry...

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Maggie Cooney

Features Editor

Maggie Cooney is a senior member and features editor of the Milford High School newspaper staff. She has been involved in the Milford Marching Band since her freshman year. In addition, as a member of the Book Club, she enjoys re...

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Mike Smith

Staff Writer

Mike is a sophomore at Milford High School and a first year news reporter. You can often find him breaking ankles on the football field, and lighting up pins on the bowling lanes. He enjoys writing a good story, asking questions...

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Bre Marsh

Assistant feature editor

Bre is a senior at Milford High school. She has been involved in Milford cheer since sophomore year and is currently on the varsity cheer team.  Bre has also been a varsity track runner since her freshman year. She is the assistant...

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Dylan Riggs

Staff Writer

Dylan is a sophomore at Milford High School. He is a member of the school's football, basketball, and baseball teams. He enjoys writing for his newspaper and publishing strong stories that people will remember when they are done...

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Noah Poser

Staff Writer

Noah Poser is a junior at Milford High School. He is a varsity football player at the school. He also runs track for the school. He really enjoys playing and watching sports along with hanging out with friends. He enjoys writing,...

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Joe Bravo

Staff Writer

Joe Bravo is currently a senior at Milford High School. He is writing for his first time this year for the Milford Messenger. After school, Joe participates in football and baseball. Being actively involved in school, he is apart...

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Olivia Mobley

Opinion Editor

Olivia Mobley is a junior at Milford High School. Olivia is the Opinion Editor for the Milford Messenger, and has taken journalism in the past. Olivia is planning on attending a university after her senior year and hopes to study...

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David Brandenburg

Staff writer

David Brandenburg is a junior at MHS. He really enjoys watching and playing sports, especially baseball. Also, he likes doing many other things outside, like camping, swimming, and hiking by a lake. In writing stories and articles,...

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Daniel Onofrio

Photo Manager

Daniel Onofrio is a junior at Milford High School and this is the first year that he is in a newspaper class. Onofrio is a member of the varsity hockey team and the golf team. He plans on going to college out west and studying...

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Miles Morris

Events Manager

Miles is a sophomore at Milford. He enjoys participating in theatre and DECA. He likes writing and being part of the newspaper.

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Apryl McDiarmid

Photo Manager

Apryl McDiarmid is a senior at Milford High School. McDiarmid spends most of her time at dance and taking pictures of anything that catches her eye. After high school, McDiarmid hopes to pursue a career in photography or as a...

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Carly Apple

Staff Writer

Carly Apple is a senior at Milford High School. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family because they are a big part of her life. She figure skates individually, and for Milford. She has been on the...

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Nathan Grigereit

Assistant Opinion writer

K Nathan Grigereit is a Junior at MHS. He has been writing for the school newspaper for 2 years. He is currently the assistant opinion writer. Nate enjoys politics and doing stuff outdoors. He has a good personality, but c...

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Alexandria Barron

Managing Editor

Alexandria Barron is a Milford High School student who is passionate about all forms of literature and loves writing. Barron enjoys interviewing people and uncovering emotions in order to improve upon her writing and gain perspective....

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Alexandra McFall

Editor in Chief

Alexandra (Lexi) McFall is currently a senior at Milford High School. She is writing for her third year for the Milford Messenger and has been editor in chief for the last two years. She also participates in the Varsity volleyball along...

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Tim Forkin

Sports Editor

Tim Forkin is a senior at Milford High School. He was born in Commerce, Michigan in 1999. He enjoys playing basketball and listening to music. He has two older sisters and an older brother, along with a dog. He has a vast knowl...

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