Students earn perfect scores for solo and ensemble


Tara Johnson

Abbie Hess at solo and ensemble

Mia Rice, Staff Writer

Milford High School’s vocal music program has many successes. A total of 10 students earned 1’s at district solo and ensemble, which means that they have earned the highest score that a person can receive from judges, and they get the opportunity to move to the next level up: state solo and ensemble. At the district level, students are required to perform two contrasting songs. For the state level, they are required to change and improve one of their pieces.

Six students decided to continue to the state level and each of these students once again earned a “1.”

Junior Abby Hess is one of these students. “I’ve learned to be better equipped while performing overall,” she said. “It gives you more experience in front of judges and how to keep calm when you are singing.”

Along with having to perform two pieces, these students also had to sight read, which means they studied a brand new piece of music right as they were being judged and performed it. “Sight reading is a little more difficult, which is definitely why it is part of the state level, but it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the experience,” Junior Joe Meagher said.

The two songs that the students have to perform are required to be different. Freshman Amelia Dalbis performed one in Italian and another in English. “The Italian opera piece was a challenge,” she said. “I had to learn how to roll my r’s, which was fun. Overall, it was a great experience and I had a great time.”

Along with that, two students earned a perfect score. Junior Jillian Armstrong was one of the students who earned a perfect score; she also performed an Italian piece. “Learning another language is always difficult, but as time goes on, it gets a little bit easier,” Armstrong said. “This year it was my first time doing state solo and ensemble in person, which was much better than online. I had a lot of fun and learned so much from the judges and hope to have a successful year next year as well.”

Junior Lauren Gates was the second to earn a perfect score. “ I really enjoyed performing songs for a judge,” She said. “I did get a little nervous, but I really connected with all of the songs I sang, which made it easier for me to perform well.”

These talented students have worked hard for the past few weeks, practicing and perfecting their techniques in each of their songs. Their hard work really paid off with earning such an incredible score!

Lauren Gates performed at solo and ensemble (Tara Johnson)
Amelia Dalbis performing at solo and ensemble. (Tara Johnson)
Joe Meagher at solo and ensemble. (Tara Johnson)
Hannah Scripture at solo and ensemble (Tara Johnson)
Abbie Hess at solo and ensemble (Tara Johnson)
Jillian Armstrong at the solo and ensemble performance. (Tara Johnson)