Salutatorian Scheske — your newest Wolverine


(Photo courtesy of Erin Scheske).

Erin Scheske posing for a Senior photo on a Kensington Metropark’s bridge.

Dyana Rice, Features Writer

For many high school students, grades are an important part of their four years in high school. Good grades can result in the honor of being recognized as an honor roll student and as a top member of their class. For a few, the thought of being Valedictorian or Salutatorian feels like a reachable goal. For Senior Erin Scheske, this goal was reached as she was one of the two Salutatorians for the Class of 2022 at Milford High School.

Scheske is a well-rounded student and has put forth a lot of effort for her academic achievements. With a 4.41 GPA and plans of attending the University of Michigan to major in computer science, she is on her way to a successful future.

Scheske’s favorite class throughout high school was AP Statistics. She loved being with her friends while also learning a topic she really enjoyed. Many of her teachers have enjoyed her in their class. English Teacher Rob Hamilton taught Scheske for two years and said she stood out as a positive force in the classroom. “Erin is the type of student who makes everyone around her better,” Hamilton said. “She has the drive to improve her own work and is always prepared to be successful, but even more importantly, she works well with others and is outstanding in class discussion.” Not only is Scheske a strong student, but she is an amazing athlete as well.

Scheske has been a part of many sports throughout her high school career, earning an impressive 12 varsity letters. She participates in tennis, ice skating, and sideline and competitive cheer. Erin has had many accomplishments, specifically in tennis. She and her doubles partner recently became a back-to-back LVC Champions by winning the one-doubles flight after a long battle against Walled Lake Northern. Head Coach Rich Kynast compliments her athletic abilities and provides advice for the future. “Erin is a terrific athlete that knows how to prioritize. She got significantly better each year,” Kynast explains. Many coaches have enjoyed working with Scheske as a part of their team and know she has a great future ahead of her. “Erin’s competitiveness and natural leadership abilities have encouraged the team immensely…she will always keep you on your toes and will never fail to make you smile,” said Tennis Coach Rick Wank.

Ice Skating is another major part of Scheske’s life. For the high school team, she has won many awards. Starting with the 2019 Gold Dance State Bronze medalist, 2019 National Gold Dance Champion, 2021 Gold Dance State Pewter Medalist, 2021 “A” Team State runner up and 2022 Gold Dance State Pewter Medalist. In addition to high school skating, Scheske was also a member of Team USA for Synchronized Skating. Through this team, she received the opportunity to compete in Salzburg, Austria in Jan. 2019.

For her last two years of high school, Scheske joined the sideline and competitive cheer teams. She had an amazing time getting to be part of the exciting high school football game atmosphere.

Salutatorian is a great honor, and Scheske perfectly fits this role. Her biggest inspiration is her older sister Rachel, who has been a role model for her since she was born. “Rachel has a good sense of humor and work ethic that encourages me to be the best,” said Scheske. Between the two of them, there is some competition that pushes Scheske to work her hardest. Once Rachel was accepted into the University of Michigan, Scheske wanted to do the same. The influence that Rachel has on Scheske is powerful and encouraging. This lifelong bond will never be broken and will continue to grow and aspire.

Scheske’s parents have also inspired and supported her throughout her life. Both would always attend the football games and competitions that she was a part of. Their support and involvement in Erin’s life has led to her success.

Milford High School’s 2022 Salutatorian, Erin Scheske, has many great accomplishments. This is just the beginning of her successful career as she will continue to build and strive for greatness.

Erin Scheske posing for a Senior photo on a Kensington Metropark’s bridge. ((Photo courtesy of Erin Scheske).)