How to make the most of your summer


Wakeboarding at a wakeboard park (Photo by Jett Edson).

Jett Edson, Staff Writer

Make a list of summer bucket list activities

Have you ever found yourself with some free time but nothing to do? Making a list of activities on your phone can solve this issue. Anytime you come up with an activity, jot it down in your activity list to save for future events. Don’t forget to involve your friends in this too, as the more the merrier!

Save activities for the end of summer

Connecting with the last tip, don’t ruin the end of the summer by accomplishing all of your bucket list items in the first month of summer. Summer can sometimes seem short, but with up to 90 summer days, there’s plenty of room to accomplish your list, no need to rush. “Can’t wait for Baja Brawl this year as its a time that allows you to be free of all life’s rules and lets you be one with motocross. It’s most likely the last event I’ll be doing as I’m heading to college immediately after,” senior Brenden Maszatics said.

Make a group chat with your closest friends

Some people struggle with picking and choosing who they want to have their fun with, either because it’s hard to pick between your top friends, or it’s hard to be close enough to a friend to be able to hangout with them. A group chat can solve these issues, as it’s a great communication device, and your friends will be able to add their own friends so you’ll be able to meet new people.

Be spontaneous

Most of the time, committing to something is the hardest part to get over. Have you ever felt like you just don’t want to get out of bed, or nervous about performing the activity beforehand? But once you start doing the activity it gets much easier than you originally anticipated? Being spontaneous is a skill to be acquired overtime, but with the right motivation and  a couple of friends, this road bump is actually pretty easy to get over.

Save money for summer

It’s almost imminent that you’ll need to spend money for summer activities, and the best way to solve this issue is to save up for summer. A part time job during the school year or early weeks of the summer can be used to fund these types of summer activities, and provide you with some more motivation to get out of the house.

Don’t sleep the entire day

To some, this tip seems obvious, but to others, it can seem impossible. With almost no responsibilities during some summer days, it can be easy to lay in bed after noon, or sometimes even 2 to 3pm. If you’re a late riser, you may not understand how much daylight you could save by waking up between 7 to 9am. It seems to double the daylight and there’s nothing better than a spontaneous unplanned full day of activities, and waking up past noon will never attain this.

Find a hobby

One of the best ways to kill time when you need to the most is to find a hobby. Whether this be skateboarding, working out, juggling or underwater basket weaving, hobbies are great because there’s always something more to accomplish. Starting your day off with your hobby can increase your skills, all the while filling up your day with something productive. “In the summer I plan to go to the gym for a few hours every day to fill up some time. It’s one of my favorite hobbies, and having extra time in the summer lets me focus on weightlifting more than any other part of the year,” senior Ryan Hanlin said.

Be social and connect with people

It can be scary talking to new people and making new friends but it only betters yourself and your connections. Having friends from different interests gives you greater insight on what others do for fun, and  learn a thing or two from them. “One of my interests is finding and talking to somebody new at social events. It not only expands your friends, but can be an open door to learn what other people do for fun,” junior Jack Stander said

Take chances and don’t have regrets

This tip is one of the most important to have a great summer. You won’t get anywhere worrying about your past and staying inside being pessimistic about your future. Your high school summers are short, and with most peoples easy access to transportation, you’ll be able to find adventure somewhere if you just try.