Best lakes to visit for summer vacation in Michigan

Brenden Maszatics, Staff Writer

Summer is here and people in Michigan have been waiting all year for the warm weather activities to take place. One thing Michigan is known for very well is its lakes. The lakes of Michigan give it its beauty and they are the main attraction for Michiganders looking for some entertainment every summer. With more than 11,000 lakes in Michigan it might be difficult to choose which lake to spend vacation time on this summer. 


One of the best local public lakes in the Milford area is White Lake. Located in White Lake, Michigan, it is one of the biggest lakes in northern Oakland County. With many events happening on the lake such as a parade and firework show on fourth of July. The lake is perfect for water activities such as tubing, wakeboarding, and water skiing. This lake also features a restaurant on the water called the White Lake Inn, where you can park your boats next to and eat outside on a deck. The only big downside to this lake is due to it being public access it can tend to get busy on weekends or holidays. 


Traveling away from Southeast Michigan, there are many beautiful lakes in Northern Michigan, including LakeCharlevoix. Being one of the biggest inland lakes in Michigan, it has lots of space for any boating activities. Due to the northern part of the lake being so close to lake Michigan, you can hit two birds with one stone and see both mesmerizing lakes in one trip. This lake also has 56 miles of shore line giving people plenty of room to not overcrowd. 


If you want a lake known for being crystal clear then Torch Lake is for you. Not only is it known for how clear the water is and it being the longest and deepest inland lake in Michigan located just outside of Traverse city. The lake is just around 6 miles long and an average depth of 111ft. This lake also includes a two-mile long sand bar which is a very popular destination for hanging out. This lake even has places where you can take wind surfing lessons to gain a new skill while out on vacation.


 Of course, if you want something bigger than these inland lakes, one of the best lakes to visit is Lake Michigan located on the west side of the Lower peninsula and on the south side of the upper peninsula, Lake Michigan being the third largest of the great lakes is perfect if you need the big waves for boating or if you need the nice calm water for beach days. It is also home to the largest freshwater sand dunes in american. You can see what makes the sand dunes so mesmerizing at locations like sleeping bear dunes and Saugatuck Dunes State park. Lake Michigan will truly show anybody why Michiganders love their great Lakes.