Milford Lacrosse ready for redeeming season

Caleb Holmes-McGahan, Staff Writer

It has been more than a year now since COVID-19 virus took  control of many aspects of our lives, but now we are taking back some control with spring sports returning.

Lacrosse tryouts started March 22, and many of the players are excited to get back out on the field after last year’s season was stripped away.

This year’s Titans team has a lot of talent coming from both Milford and Lakeland. Their lockdown defensive trio of Milford’s Luke Ballard, Lakelands Evan Surman and Colin Doyle make it a season for high hopes.

All three have been starters since their sophomore season and Colin Doyle who is the team’s Goalie is committed to Benedictine college.

Plus many attack players who have had Varsity experience are coming back this year such as Milford Seniors Logan Gillis and Gryson Gardner.

In addition to the standout players, there have been many who have put in a lot of work for this year’s season.

Senior Reid Bentz is especially excited to get out on the field as he is new to the sport, picking it up last year.

This year is even more meaningful for him since it will be his first and last season. “It was extremely frustrating last year having the season canceled, but it has made me even more dedicated to lacrosse,” Bentz said. “I have been working out every day and have been going to lacrosse clinics all year.”

With a lot of people being quarantined the week of tryouts, it has reminded a lot of players of this time last season when  tryouts were cancelled.

This time, the difference is that students know how to control the virus more than they did last year. The players are definitely ready to take any of the necessary steps to be able to get out on the field.

“I understand the concerns that have come with this recent rise in cases, but we are taking any precaution possible this year,” said Bentz.

Some new rules being put in place this year for lacrosse include frequent COVID testing and for those who take faceoffs, wearing two masks during them.

“With these precautions and the fact that lacrosse for the most part is a very spread out sport, I can’t see a reason this year to cancel the season,” said Bentz

It’s not just the seniors willing to do anything to get back out on the field either. Junior Tyler Ristau said, “I think if last year taught us anything, it’s that we have to play and practice like this could be out last time on the field.”

Athletes have been putting their all into preparing for the season and are looking to the stars for this season to be successful.

“I have some big goals for this season. One being, I think we have a big chance to beat CC, which we haven’t done in years and I think we’ll be able to go pretty far in the playoffs,” Bentz said. Ristau has similar aspirations: “We have put a lot of work in this offseason, so I think we could definitely make a play-off push and win the Conference,” he said.

Part of this confidence comes from what Bentz said is their responsibility to play and do well for the seniors that didn’t have their last season last year. “I feel so bad for the seniors who got their senior year taken without any warning, so this season we will definitely be playing for them,” he said.

This year has come with a lot of challenges, but it’s nice to see that the things are going back to normal and that people are overcoming the barriers presented to do what they love. This year’s Titans team is not going to let the virus get the best of the season.

Above is Senior Reid Bentz in the helmet with red accents at a winter clinic preparing for the season (Photo courtesy of Reid Bentz).