What are most seniors looking foward to?

Renna Abbo, Staff Writer

By: Renna Abbo

Staff Writer

In light of the difficulties the Class of 2021 students have endured during their senior year, there are a handful of things to still look forward to. Many seniors are excited for Spring Break. Seniors Molli Langolf and Sam McGrain, “We did not get much this year, so we are just focusing on one thing to make up for everything else.” McGrain and Langolf will be enjoying their spring break in Siesta Key, FL along with some other seniors. Without a doubt, this class has missed out on the glorified “senior year.” Seniors were told that the fun had this year makes up for the past three and that everything becomes worth it.

Seniors have all struggled to find motivation without the “fun parts” of school. Missing out on football games, Homecoming, pep rallies and spirit weeks have undermined the passion that usually lies within seniors.

But Senior Will Sjogren is still hopeful for a Senior All Night Party, something the Class of 2020 did not get to fully enjoy alone with many other activities. The party is on June 6th from 11pm-3am and you can purchase tickets via venmo, a check, or cash. Tickets must be purchased May 21st!

Sports have been on and off since the summer and are just recently starting to return to some normalcy on Jan. 15, with some safety precautions of course. The boys were eager to get on the court and start their games. “For me, playing the game in front of the fans is all I want, I just want to play,” Basketball player Trevor Leigh said in anticipation of the start of his season. The basketball season was delayed for 6-8 weeks, and is trying to play as many games as possible.

For some, Covid-19 restrictions have brought on early stages of “senioritis.”  Seniors Logan Gillis and Brookelyn Zamaria are most eager to see their lives beyond MHS. Gillis said “I am looking forward to graduating and going to college.” Gillis is looking to take his lacrosse career to the college level. Zamaria, planning to go to Grand Valley

State University, said “I want to have a commencement and move forward with my life.” These seniors are ready for graduation, and ready to experience the world.

Maintaining hope has been a strong factor in the seniors’ last year. The Class of 2021 is hopeful that some of the senior activities they expected will return in the next four months. Unfortunately, they know nothing is certain. Through all of this, seniors have learned this: you have to take each thing you get as a privilege because nothing is certain; for all  we know, the events you look forward to are not guaranteed, so enjoy as much of the entire journey as possible.