Parasite is a confusing but engaging Oscar Winner

Tyler Kerr, Staff writer

As the Korean film directed by Bong Joon-Ho that won four Oscars, Parasite was definitely a shocker at every single point of the movie. Whether it was the abrupt ending or the slow beginning, this movie was nominated for six Grammys and was high grossing with over $256 Million worldwide, $51.6 and a half million of it coming from the US, leaving it as one of —if not the most successful—Korean films to make it to the states ever.

To the director’s credit, it was a movie that easily grabbed attention. Every small event and fine detail was all part of this intriguing puzzle on the big screen.

Yet, it was a very confusing puzzle nonetheless. All the high points of action in this film left it unclear as to which part was the climax. For someone rather inexperienced in film analysis, it will definitely be hard to keep track of what one is watching—that’s a guarantee.

Especially given that this film was one of the few foriegn films to grab this much attention, it may be hard to get past the subtitles. In fact, that was one of the most common complaints, as it is for any movie with subtitles, among viewers. These subtitles make it even harder to keep track of what exactly is going on throughout the movie.

The only thing harder to keep track of than these subtitles was the amount of callback in the plot of this movie. Whether it was as small as the way the father smelled, the underwear left in the driver’s car, or as large (literally) as the rock handed to the son toward the beginning of the movie, or the entryway light, it was constant; all of the callback contributed largely to the movie as well so it was something that would leave one confused if he/she happened to miss it.

Los Angeles Times
Song Kang-Ho handling the large rock in the movie Parasite

So how can a movie so confusing win so many awards? After all, this movie won Best Picture, director, writing, and International Feature Film, it had to be at least a decent film, right?

Well, for those who can get past the confusing nature of the plot and the subtitles, it is one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen. The reason for this is that the movie makes someone think and it involves the viewer in the film, not like the way a kids show does, but in a more complex, mature way. On top of that, it is even more entertaining when one finally connects the dots between certain events.

At the end of the day Parasite is a movie for those who enjoy puzzles.
Bong Joon-Ho and Song Kang-Ho at the Pamle d’Or awards