Chloe Gilbert and her future

Brady Lewandowski, Staff Writer

Basketball at Milford High School has been important for decades. It can be extremely exciting and eventful for the students and parents, and is sometimes a factor in an athlete’s future. Getting a scholarship to a college or university can be huge for some students and is not uncommon for athletes at Milford.

Chloe Gilbert, a 17-year-old junior, who has been granted a great gift with her basketball skills. She transferred to Milford after spending her freshman year at a charter school and joined the girls varsity team immediately upon enrolling at MHS. She didn’t start playing basketball until the age of 10, but she has always been obsessed with the sport and the grind of the game.

Hopping from travel team to travel team, Gilbert quickly found out that she was an above average player. She has made it her mission to do the best she can every game and has been making great use of her extraordinary talents since she started at Milford.

Gilbert’s parents have played a huge role in her basketball career as well. Her father practices and trains with her almost every day, and is at every game to show his support. He is helping to make sure she has a future in the game and wants to see her succeed. Gilbert said, “He is always going to the gym with me and pushing me to be my best.” Her mother has also always been by her side to help her with any difficult decisions with her travel teams. They both record her games and go over them at their home to see what she can improve on. This helps Gilbert see what she can fix and work on in future games. For example, if she wasn’t passing the ball well in a game, they would talk about it as a family helping to improve the issue.

Even her teammates have seen improvements from her parents helping out. Senior Maddie Ricci said, “Chloe thought she wasn’t communicating with everyone on the court one day, she and her parents went home to see how she could talk to everyone better. Now, one of her best talents is her communications skills.”

Gilbert knows that with her skills in this sport, she can go beyond just playing at the high school level. She would like to attend the University of Kentucky for basketball, but she feels like that is a very high goal.

Gilbert has been committed to the sport and values hard work on and off the court. With these ideas, she feels like she has a shot at going to Kentucky to play basketball. If not, her back-up plan is to attend Concordia University or Albion college. “Playing basketball in college and even at the professional level is my main focus currently, besides trying to be a good teammate,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert recently won the Michigan High School Detroit Free Press Girls Basketball Player of The Week Award. This is a major accomplishment that only a handful of other Milford athletes have had the honor of receiving. She finished with 8,351 votes; the next athlete behind her only had 7,521 votes. She was thrilled to be recognized for this accomplishment, and couldn’t believe she had won it and was getting recognition for her talent. Gilbert was so proud of herself and how she has clearly made a name for herself not only at Milford, but in the state of Michigan.