Students Venture Across The Globe For Spain Trip

Isabella Cutean, Asst. Managing Editor

The experiences that one acquires through travel are unmatched by anything else. The students who are enrolled in Spanish 4 and 5 are getting a truly unmatched opportunity to see Europe and explore the culture of Spain this spring break. These students will visit six cities in Spain, and will see unique, culturally- rich places in each.

Their first destination is Barcelona, then they head to Valencia, Granada, Costa del Sol, Seville, and lastly, Madrid. The director of this international trip for the last four years has been teacher Carrie Pishek, or Sra. Profe. She has been in attendance on this trip for the past six years, and is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the language and culture of Spain.

Organizing and directing a trip for a class of high school Spanish students cannot be an easy feat by any means, yet there is a reward to be had in this challenge. “It’s hard to say what I’m most excited about because the whole experience is so good. I think the most rewarding part is seeing students get to use their Spanish in the real world and get to experience things we talk about in class in real life,” Profe said.

The students will see countless famous landmarks in each city. For instance, Barcelona offers a full tour around the city, and a night filled with Flamenco, a well-known Spanish form of dance. Valencia will entail cathedral visits, central markets, and aquariums. Granada and Costa del Sol promise beautiful sunny beaches, and a possibility to see Morocco as well. Seville and Madrid are the most well- known Spanish cities aside from Barcelona, and offer multiple classic sites and experiences as well.

This trip has something to offer for anyone remotely interested in Spain or extensive travel. Junior Ella Glaspie is planning to attend this trip over spring break.  “I’m most excited to leave the country and go to Europe for the first time,” she said. Junior Sadie Guffy similarly felt excited for these types of reasons. “I’m most excited for this trip to spend time with my friends and immerse myself in the Spanish culture.” Spanish 4 is an advanced course, and to get here, a student must complete Spanish 1, 2, and 3. Learning a new language is extremely hard, especially without any past knowledge. Yet, these students have not only managed to learn another language, they are now going to be able to implement their studies in actual conversations with natives of Spain.

“I took Spanish 4 because I wanted to improve my Spanish abilities,” said Glaspie. All the students in attendance have dedication toward their academic achievements, and wish to immerse themselves in knowledge of every kind. “I chose to go on to Spanish 4 in order to continue on with my knowledge of the Spanish language,” said Guffy.

The Spanish culture one will be able to experience throughout this trip is unmatched in various ways. The prospect of seeing how individuals in other countries live their lives, and do certain things, can prove extremely fascinating. “I find the culture interesting because it’s a whole new point of view,” said Glaspie. Spain also boasts museums, and rare art forms that cannot be found elsewhere. “The most fascinating piece of Hispanic culture is the art. I hope to learn more about the culture and the way people live in Spain,” said Guffy.

Overall, this trip is an extremely promising and rewarding experience for all who choose to participate. Having been on this trip many times, Profe still has so much passion regarding it. “More than anything, I want students to engage with the language and the people, to broaden their horizons and perspectives. It’s so hard in a small town to really understand how big the world really is. Traveling overseas is life changing in terms of increasing that awareness.”