A.P Environmental Science students visit The Detroit Zoo


Annabel Williamson, Editor in chief

On November 7th A.P Environmental Science students had the opportunity to visit the Detroit Zoo, and study the habitats and ways of life of various organisms. The zoo was not only an enjoyable way to skip school, but it was a chance for students to see how nature revolves around science and understand the importance of keeping the environment healthy and thriving. The students visited the zoo on a nice but chilly day and were given a sheet of paper with different items on it, each of which could be found in the zoo. Every group was required to take a selfie with four items on the list then send it to A.P Environmental science teacher Stephanie Crow to get credit for the field trip.

One of the students who attended the trip was junior Grace Sarafa.When asked why she wanted to visit The Zoo, Sarafa said”It would be a nice break from school”. But the trip was not only a break from school, as Sarafa stated, it was also a way for students to learn more about The Zoo and the environment.  “I learned that the Detroit Zoo is setting an example for the world on how to reduce our negative impact on the Earth and conserve our natural environment,” said Sarafa. There were many aspects of the zoo that made it entertaining to the students, including good food, interesting information, and of course, the animals. “I really enjoyed going,” said Sarafa, “the chicken strips were good and the animals were cute.”

Since the zoo is often looked at as a place for children, some may wonder what A.P science students may have to learn by visiting a place built for entertainment. But there is a lot more to The Zoo than what meets the eye. “The Detroit Zoo is one of the leading zoos in sustainable environmental processes such as the biodigester and permeable sidewalk” Crow stated. “I hope they learn about the sustainable efforts of the zoo and appreciate the biodiversity of the organisms.” Burt most importantly, these students are still kids that need a break from time to time. “I hope they enjoy spending time outdoors,” said Crow, “I want them to enjoy the zoo just like they did in elementary school.”