Unsung Hero: Planck helps athletes through injuries


Jerry Rea.

Kira Planck watching the Milford vs. South Lyon East football game

Riley Mitchell, Staff Writer

A crucial factor to any school’s athletic success is the athletic trainer, whose main goal is to keep athletes healthy and help with any injuries. Last school year, MHS gained a new athletic trainer Kira Planck who fits right in with Milford’s programs.

Milford High School’s previous trainer, Kyle St. Peter, earned an opportunity to work at George Mason University for men’s and women’s volleyball. Making the adjustment from one trainer to another may be a challenge, but Planck entered Milford with a welcoming personality and willing to make connections with her athletes.

Planck is not new to Huron Valley, as she went to high school at the IA and played lacrosse as well as basketball. When asked about what Planck’s favorite sport was she said, “My favorite sport has to be girl’s lacrosse, because I played for the Huron Valley team.”

Many people could relate to Planck’s story of becoming a trainer.  When she was in high school, she hurt her knee and her parents weren’t very big on going to the doctor’s to get it looked at, so she just kept playing. When she played in a basketball game soon after, her knee buckled again and she had to visit the school trainer.

Planck met her school trainer and was interested in what her trainer did for work so she asked to shadow her to see what being a trainer was all about, and that’s when Planck knew she wanted to go into a health-related major.

Every day, Planck is at the school for athletic events, helping students with any injuries or questions they may have regarding their health. Planck’s “favorite” injury to work with (although she doesn’t like it when her athletes are hurt) is either the knee or ankle because there’s a lot that Planck can work with to help out those injuries and they’re mainly the most common injuries.

Not only does Planck just tape people’s ankles and knees though, she also rather enjoys watching the sporting events that are going on at Milford, whether it be basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc. She always stays to watch during the games to make sure all athletes on both teams are healthy.

Planck values making connections with her athletes, and making sure she’s able to help their injuries, but also feel comfortable around her.

Junior Ryan Galda first saw Kira for a sprained ankle but later in his football season ended up tearing his ACL and visited her much more after that. “One of the best things about her is that if you’re hurt, she doesn’t tell you to sit out, she gives you the option to still play if you feel comfortable with it,” said Galda.

Overall, Planck is the perfect addition to the athletic program; she loves working at Milford, and the athletes are all able to connect with her. “The best part about working at Milford is definitely how respectful my athletes are and it’s always nice working for the school district you used to go to,” said Planck.