3 Peat— Team Vengeance wins Powderbuff again


Allison Schils

Team Vengeance after their win. From left to right: Shane Quinn, Naethan Jaklic, Sam Lewis, Noel Deland, Luke Jaklic, London Pavlak, Front: Jack McIntyre.

Allison Schils, Staff Writer

The powderbuff team Vengeance consisting of seniors Sam Lewis, Luke Jaklic, Naethan Jaklic, Shane Quinn, London Pavlak and Noel Deland won the Powderbuff tournament for the third consecutive year. The boys played each year with their Senior Coach Jack McIntyre on the sidelines.

Powderbuff is an annual event put on to raise money for Milford Miracles, a fundraiser that helps the MHS Leadership class buy gifts for families during the holiday season. Boys from all grades can put together a team to compete in the volleyball tournament.

Although there is no prize for winning, the competition is still intense. Senior Sarah Rand was a referee for a few of the games. “I got yelled at a lot,” Rand said. “They were taking it extremely seriously and if I made a call that they didn’t agree with, I definitely got an earful of it.” Even though she had to deal with criticism, she still enjoyed the games. “They were very entertaining to watch to say the least,” she said. “I’m sad that we won’t get to experience watching them again.”

The boys’ range of talents on the court certainly makes for an interesting viewer experience. For some of the boys, like Junior Wyatt Lesnew, this was their first time touching a volleyball in a while. Although his team wasn’t  the most skilled, he was still wondering “Why not us?”  Team Vengeance, on the other hand, had some experience. “We know the game pretty well,” Lewis said, “so we used fundamentals and our knowledge of the game to help us out.”

After winning their Sophomore and Junior years, they knew they had to win for the last time. They took the court with a strong mindset. “To be the best,” McIntyre said, “I want to be the best, they want to be the best, it’s all about being the best.” Staying strong and playing hard even against their toughest opponents like Sals Pals and Zach Koby and Company.

With the two previous wins under their belts, the boys were confident going into their third year. “To be honest, the first year I didn’t really expect to win,” Lewis said “ but as the years went on, it was more expected.” Vengeance ended up being undefeated this year. “It felt really good to win,” Luke Jaklic said, “kind of saw it coming because we had a really solid team out there.”

Vengeance got their 3-time win, otherwise known as a 3 peat, and couldn’t be happier about it. Not only is powderbuff a fun event to come and watch but it also helps us raise money for things that matter most in our community.