Milford cheerleader commits to Grand Valley


Emma Gasser

Maddie holding her commitment papers

Bellalise Wertz, Staff Writer

Maddie Gasser has been a cheerleader for five years, completing nine seasons overall. She was a part of the Milford Mavericks team throughout her entire high school experience. She began cheerleading in eighth grade after her friends Cameron Ollila and Riley Novak encouraged her to do so.. “I didn’t think I’d like it, but then after my 8th grade sideline season, I knew cheerleading was my sport, so I continued with it throughout high school and now it’s something I can’t go without,” said Gasser.

Gasser used to be involved with gymnastics as well, so that is where her amazing tumbling skills come from. “I will always love gymnastics and I know deep down that if I continued on with gymnastics, I wouldn’t be the cheerleader I am today,” said Gasser “I started to realize that I never wanted to go to gymnastics, and all I wanted to do was cheer.” She found that cheerleading was her true passion and was one of the captains for the varsity team her senior year.

Through the countless hours spent practicing together, getting up early for competitions, and staying up late after a football game, the Milford cheerleaders grow very close over the season. One of the memories made in Milford cheer that will forever hold a special place in Gasser’s heart is camp going into sophomore year: “all the bonding moments we shared, winning LVC champs, going to Grand Rapids for Delta Plex, and blasting music in the car before games” are some of Gasser’s other favorite memories.

Now being a part of the 2022 graduating class, Gasser’s experience in cheer won’t be ending after graduation. After attending some of their competitions and watching Gasser out on the mat, the coaches at Grand Valley State University offered Gasser to be a part of their cheer team as a freshman next year. . “I’m excited for the next level of cheerleading and to see what it’s all about,” she said. “It will be weird at first being with a new team, but I can’t wait to meet everyone and strive for the national championship,” Gasser said.

Although Gasser is amazing at what she does already, she still is setting goals to make her next four years of collegiate level cheer the best it can be. “ [I hope to] win a national championship, get my full back again (a double flip with a full 360 degree twist), be the best I can be, never give up, make a name for myself and accomplish anything I set my mind to,” Gasser said. Everyone is so enthused for Gasser including the Milford varsity team of 2021-2022 they all held such a special bond and are so excited to see their fellow teammates to go on and accomplish so many things. They know Gasser is ready for the challenge and is so excited to see where this journey ends up taking her. “Maddie has always been extremely talented and has always been able to make skills look effortless. I’m super proud and excited for Maddie, I can’t wait to see what she brings to the team at Grand Valley” Says Sydney Hill, one of her former teammates.