Milford Girls Soccer is kicking it up a notch


Emma Dittrick, Staff Writer

After a devastating end to the spring season of sports in 2020, the Milford girls soccer team is ready to take their performance to the next level. Coach Hipple has been preparing the girls soccer team for many victories. Many players on this team have attended pre-season workouts and warm ups.
He has a strong opinion on how well the girls soccer team will do this year. “The girls have been working really hard on the off- season to prepare for their goals; I am excited to coach these girls to LVC champs, “said Hipple.
Milford soccer has been following COVID-19 protocols to keep the best players on the field at all times. With the team having eight seniors this year, there is a strong group of girls that carry many leadership skills that will not only help their team now, but will also aid them in the future. The seniors this year will continue to strive towards the team’s goals this includes being LVC champs.
Milford won their first game, 7-0, against Garden City High School. Seniors Rachel Maude, Brianna Hipple, Ashley Riggs, Sam McGrain, Taryn Lesnew, Kayla Leatch and Addison Krzyzak had their “first last” game, where they made more lasting memories and reflected on the lessons that the Milford Soccer program has taught them.
Milford had yet another thrilling game on April 15; they shutout Waterford Kettering, 6-0. Krzyzak scored a goal with the assistance of Mcgrain.
“I am most excited this year for the amazing underclassmen that have joined the program and the team so far,” Krzyzak said. “I am already proud as we push ourselves every day. I truly believe we have a chance of winning districts this year, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of the season with my girls.”
Since MHS lost last season, every team is new; they are coming into the season with more drive than ever to play every game since they know at any point their season can be taken away from them.
Junior Michi Hooks made an appearance by making a goal for the Milford team and having an-other interview with the Milford Spinal Column. Additionally, Allison Hooks, Addison Krzyzak, Reagan Allen and Ashley Hughes all scored goals that helped the team advance to a huge win.
Maude and Hipple, as well as the rest of the team, know that it doesn’t matter if they win or lose— they still love the game. “Just being around all your friends and having a good time makes the game fun,” said Hipple.
The Milford soccer team has many strong traditions that they have continued through the years. “We have a tradition of buying an ice cream cake after we beat Lakeland and all eating together for the next practice. I plan on continuing that this year when we beat them on May 11,” Hipple exclaimed. COVID-19 has not stopped them from continuing to do what they love to do and how they celebrate as a team for their huge success during the season.
The girls are excited for their last opportunity to play together as a whole. The seniors have been playing soccer with each other for a long time now during rec-soccer, club soccer and high school soccer.

Addison Krzyzak
Krzyzak has made two goals that have contributed to Milford winning several games.
“My favorite moment of soccer was sophomore year during Milford vs Lakeland game be-cause one of my favorite players, Izzy Quan, came back from yet another ACL injury–we were able to watch her score and it was an amazing experience. I look up to her, as she was a great role model and has shaped the Milford soccer program,” said Krzyzak. She plans to play soccer for Adrian College in the fall of 2021.

Brianna Hipple
During Hipple’s time as a Milford soccer player, she has grown into a strong leader for her team and the program. “Many lower classmen look up to her,”‘ said Sophomore Ava Scigliano, a player on the Milford JV soccer team.
Hipple plays a defender position; a defender is an outfield player whose primary roles are to stop attacks during the game and prevent the opposing team from scoring goals.
“I will also miss having my dad by my side on the field,” Hipple said. “Even though we try to not seem like we are related, he has always been the best coach in my life and I’m sad that this chapter is coming to an end, but I will never forget all of the lessons he has taught me over the years about soccer and over-all life.”
2021 will be the last time she will be a part of the Mil-ford soccer program, but she has strong hopes to continue her soccer career at Grand Valley State University this fall.

Taryn Lesnew

Lesnew is thrilled to have a season of soccer even with COVID-19 restrictions. She hopes to make it to the LVC and can’t wait to play with her friends.
Lesnew will be attending Oakland Community College, and she plans to help her brother Wyatt Lesnew with his future soccer career at Milford by teaching him the tricks and life lessons Coach Hipple has taught her.
She has played soccer since she was three. Her favorite memory was being able to play without her mask on due to COVID-19 restrictions, and making everlasting memories with her teammates.
Lesnew has loved and grown with these girls since elementary school and can’t wait for her last season with them. “They are all like my sisters, we have played together since we were young and we have cherished every moment,” said Lesnew.

Rachel Maude
Maude has been playing soccer since she was three years old, and throughout her years in soccer, she has al-ways played defender.
Maude coaches a 9-10 boys and girls middle school soccer team, which has helped her to learn leadership and initiative skills when coaching these young athletes. “It brightens my day to coach future Mavericks at their soccer games and practices,” Maude shared. “I hope to coach more during college and after to keep my traditions going.”
Maude has a strong connection with Brianna Hipple and Coach Hipple: “Strong communi-cation is key,” Maude said. This helps communicate the plays that are involved with the defender position. Every team mate is important on and off the field.

Kayla Leatch
Leatch plans to attend MSU and hopes to continue her soccer career with an intramural pro-gram.
Leatch has played the position forward for seven years now. She has accomplished five goals–this includes her time on the Mi-ford JV team. Leatch enjoys playing the game, and she is very competitive and hardworking on and off the field. “Kayla is a team player and will do anything to help/improve the team,” said Maude. Her favorite memory from high school soccer was carpooling to games and having the annual team dinners.

Ashley Riggs
Riggs has been playing since she was four years old; as a child, she was interested in little league soccer.
She plays center back (defense). Center back involves defending the area directly in front of the goal and trying to prevent opposing players, particularly center-forwards, from scoring. She has played this position through Huron Valley Jags and Milford Varsity soccer team.
Riggs plans to attend MSU and would like to join the intramural teams at MSU. Her past coach, Scott, has motivated her because of his strong leadership and how he has taught his athletes to play their best every game.

Sam McGrain
McGrain is continuing her soccer career at Schoolcraft college this fall. She has a strong set of skills that has helped her team.
Sam is at a streak of four assists. “I would like to thank my mom and my brothers for motivating me to continue in soccer and push me to be my best,” said McGrain. She has played soccer since she was three years old, and her favorite memory was her last Jags game. “This is my [favorite] memory because I had 10 seconds left in a tie game with me crossing the ball in from the corner, leading my team to victory with my assist,” she shared.
The Milford girls soccer team has continued to kick it up a notch every year and will continue to put its best foot forward. Make sure you check out

Honorable Mentions
Lakes Valley Conference Goal Leaders: ( 5/14/21)
Reagan Allen 4th, 4 goals
Michi Hooks 8th, 3 goals
Lakes Valley Conference Assist Leaders: (5/14/21)
Michi Hooks: 2nd, 5 assists
Allison Hooks: 9th, 5 assists
Sam McGrain: 9th, 2 assists
Conference winner for Shutouts
Lexi Barber: 6th, 1 shutout