Boys ski team upholds its winning reputation


Joe Antrim

Boys and girls ski teams arm-in-arm before a run.

Sadie Guffy, Assistant Managing Editor

As soon as the first snowfall commences and Alpine Valley Ski Area’s lifts start running, the Milford High School Boys Ski Team is out on the slopes eagerly preparing for their competitive season. The boys ski team has finished triumphantly in many of their previous seasons and this year should be no exception, despite global setbacks. Both the boys and girls teams have finished their regular season undefeated (9-0) and are bound for their state competition in a couple of short weeks. This feat displays the grit and determination that the skiers possess and continue to uphold as they are tirelessly practicing in order to claim a title at states in order to make their school, teammates, and coaches proud.

Senior Joe Antrim and Juniors Max Wilkerson and Carson Chamberlain have an overwhelming feeling of pride for their team. “I’m most proud of the team’s resilience to keep practicing and keep spirits up during the constantly changing times. We have all grown so much closer and will always have each other’s back,” Antrim stated. Through troubling times, the team has found it more important than ever to grow closer and work together. “I’m proud of my team; this is because they have been working very hard for spots on the varsity line-up and it shows. Without them, we wouldn’t be close to as successful as we are today,” Wilkerson added. Antrim, Wilkerson, and Chamberlain are all vital members of the team due to their seniority. “The upperclassmen are generally the leaders,” Antrim stated. “Our captains have the greatest say: Riley Watts, Maddie Melody, Max Wilkerson, and Carson Chamberlain, but we all have a great relationship and there is respect all around.” As one of the captains, Chamberlain takes on a vital role in the team’s success. “I believe that between the four captains, we all do a great job at keeping the team in check and making sure everyone is doing good and is prepared for a race,” he added. The importance of teamwork and personal connections within this team has proved to be a great indicator of their success throughout their seasons.

In Michigan, winter sports have faced a setback due to Governor Whitmer’s COVID-19 precautions. Ski and boardercross were the only winter sports that were permitted to continue on with their seasons due to their conditions of being outdoors and ability to social distance during their races. The boys ski team is overjoyed about this. “I am super grateful that our Athletic Director let us play this season even with COVID restrictions. It isn’t too much of a hassle for us to wear masks considering we wear masks all season anyway,” Chamberlain stated. Antrim had a different perspective as he is wrapping up his last ski season as a senior, “Reconnecting with the team broke the monotony of quarantine, and I will miss this team so much next year.” The boys seemed to be overjoyed that they had the opportunity to finish out their season without any setbacks, all while maintaining safety guidelines.

As the leaders of the team are either ending their time on the team or are nearing the end, the importance of focusing on the younger talent is more critical than ever. “Peyton Chamberlain and Ben Youngblood have a lot of potential on the guy’s side. Both freshmen, in my opinion, have an opportunity to be regional champions when they are entering their senior years,” Wilkerson weighed in. “I am astonished by the amount of potential in the younger half of our team,” Antrim stated excitedly, “The younger girls consistently take the top 10 or 20 every race, and the boys always put up a good show. I know the future of the team is in great hands,” he continued. The respect that the older team members have for their younger teammates is very telling of the future success of the team for years to come.

Recently at the regional competition, the boys placed second out of 14 teams. The competition was tough as all Division I teams were neck-and-neck. 

The Milford High School Boys Ski Team continues to impress the community with their victories and perseverance through the most unprecedented of times. This year’s lineup continues to uphold the winning titles of years past and has even created new ones. With an astonishing undefeated record, it will be exciting to see how the boys perform at their state competition and in their future seasons.

Boys and Girls ski teams united after a win. (Joe Antrim)