Ranking the top 25 NFL players under 25

Ranking the top 25 NFL players under 25

The NFL is a successful sports league that has fans excited all fall and anticipating the following year. There would be no NFL without the love of the game that the players, coaches, and fans brings to the game. Currently, there are many exciting players that are young but have a bright future. Here are the star players you should keep track of for the next decade in the NFL.

10. Josh Jacobs- Jacobs plays football for his love of the game and to help his family. He was homeless much of his childhood and he wanted to make it to the NFL to help buy a house for his family. Jacobs played football during high school in Oklahoma and would commit to play at the University of Alabama. His first year, he split time with other running backs. In 2017 and 2018, he was the starter. Jacobs helped Alabama win a National Championship in 2016 and made it there every year of Jacob’s career. After a solid season in 2018, he declared for the NFL draft as a top Running Back prospect. Jacobs was drafted 24th overall to the Raiders. He had a great rookie season and many people saw him as Offensive Rookie of the Year. Regardless, he was beaten out by Kyler Murray, who won the award. Jacobs will be looking to continue his success and help the Raiders move to Las Vegas.

9. A.J. Brown- Brown played high school football in Mississippi and was a high recruit in both football and baseball. Brown was drafted by the Padres in the 19th round of  the MLB draft. He was the number five receiver recruit in the country. Brown committed to his hometown team, Ole Miss. He didn’t really have a big role on the team in his freshman year. His sophomore and junior year, he was a top receiver. In those two years, he averaged 1,286 yards and 8.5 touchdowns. After his junior year in 2018, he declared for the NFL draft, along with teammate D.K. Metcalf. They were both known for being very big, muscular receivers. Brown got drafted by the Titans with the 51st pick. During the first half of his rookie season in 2019, he wasn’t a big contributor to the offense; the second half was a different story. Overall, Brown finished the regular season with 1,052 yards and nine touchdowns. He also helped lead the Titans to the AFC championship game against the Super Bowl Champ, the Chiefs.

8. Nick Bosa- Football has been in the Bosa family for generations. Bosa’s dad, John and his brother, Joey have been in the NFL. Joey is still with the Chargers– Nick was looking to continue the tradition and play in the NFL. Coming out of high school, Bosa was a big five- star recruit and committed to Ohio State University. At Ohio State, he had a great two years on the defense. Ohio State went to the playoffs in 2016 and lost to Clemson, 31-0. After a good year in 2017, Bosa was expected to have a dominant year in 2018. The third game of the season, Bosa got hurt with a core muscle injury and had to have surgery. After he healed from the surgery, he decided not to come back and train for the NFL draft. Many Ohio State fans weren’t happy with his decision. In the 2019 NFL draft, Bosa was drafted second overall to the 49ers. He helped the resurgence of the 49ers and helped the team reach the Super Bowl, but they ended up losing to the Chiefs, 31-20.

 7. Dalvin Cook- Cook played his high school football in Florida and had an amazing career, but his best season happened during his senior year. He rushed for 1,940 yards and 34 touchdowns. The high recruit decided to go to Florida State and played there from 2014-2016. He had a good year in 2016 and won the Orange Bowl against Michigan. After the bowl game, Cook decided to declare for the NFL draft. He was drafted with the 41st pick to the Vikings. Cook started off his rookie season by setting the Vikings rookie rushing record and had a great first three weeks, but in week four, he tore his ACL. Cook’s injuries would continue into the 2018 season. He got a Hamstring injury in week two. This injury would have him out for four games, but in 2019, it was a different story. Cook was healthy all season and had a tremendous season. He led the NFL in rushing yards until Christan McCaffery took over the lead in week 12. All in all, Cook had a great season and is looking to stay healthy and get the Vikings to the Super Bowl.

 6. Chris Godwin- Godwin played his high school football in Delaware and was a four-star recruit coming out. He was also a top-30 Wide Receiver recruit in 2013. He committed to Penn State and played there for three seasons. His best season came in his sophomore year, as he led the team in receiving with 1,101 and five touchdowns. He decided to declare for the NFL draft in 2017, and ended up getting drafted with the 84th pick to the Buccaneers. During his rookie season, he didn’t get to play much and sat on the bench, but in 2018, he had a strong season for being a first-year starter. He really started getting recognition during the 2019 season. Godwin blew up for 1,333 receiving years and nine touchdowns, was a top ten wide receiver and will be looking to build on his skills next season.

5. Ezekiel Elliot– Ezekiel was mainly a three-sport athlete in high school, but he focused on football. Elliot had a great college career and decided to go to Ohio State University. During his freshman year, he was the backup who rarely got playing time. In 2014, Elliot started and didn’t disappoint and continued his great run into 2015. His season sent the Buckeyes into the college football playoff, where they would play Oregon in the National Championship. Elliot and the Buckeyes went  on to win the game, 42-20. He declared for the NFL draft after the season and would get drafted fourth overall to the Dallas Cowboys in the 2016 NFL draft. Through his four-year career, he has performed as a starter for the Cowboys and is a big part of the offense. Elliot has helped the Cowboys make it to the playoffs in 2016 and 2018, but both years the teams fell short of the Super Bowl. Elliot will look to bring the Cowboys back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1996.

4. Saquon Barkley- Saquon Barkley is a tremendous athlete that excels at everything. He played his high school football in New York and committed to Rutgers before switching to Penn State. At Penn State, Barkley had a great career from 2015-2017. After a Heisman-candidate-type season, Barkley declared for the NFL draft. He was a top five prospect and was taken second overall to the Giants. Barkley had a great rookie season and was named Offensive Rookie of the Year. He also broke many New York Giant records and was named to the Pro Bowl. Many experts were expecting a big season in 2019, but Barkley dealt with injuries and wasn’t fully healthy all season. He had a high ankle sprain that cost him three games. Barkley did finish the season song though. The last few weeks, he scored multiple times and had over 100 scrimmage yards many times. Barkley  and the Giants will be looking to make the rebuild short and make New York a contender next season.

3. Lamar Jackson- Jackson can do everything on the football field. He had a good career playing high school football at Boynton Beach in 2013 and 2014, and went to play college ball at the University of Louisville. Throughout his college career, Jackson was a run first Quarterback who struggled with throwing, but he did win the Heisman in 2016 for the Player of the Year. Even with winning the Heisman, was still seen as more of a running back at the next level. Jackson stuck to being a Quarterback for the 2018 NFL draft. He was the last QB selected in the first round, drafted by the Ravens. Still not really sure if he could be an NFL Quarterback, the Ravens took a chance on him. Jackson sat on the bench for most of his rookie season. In the games he did play, including the playoffs, he showed a lot of promise to play the QB position. 2019 was the year Jackson stopped all over the non– quarterback talk. He was great all season throwing and running the ball, and led the NFL with 37 passing touchdowns and won the MVP for his efforts. Jackson and the Ravens made it to the playoffs but lost to the Titans. Next season, he will look to capitalize on success from this season and more.

2. Christian McCaffrey- McCaffrey was bound to play football. His whole family played football, including his dad, Ed, who played in the NFL. McCaffrey went to Stanford and played there from 2014-2016 and declared for the NFL draft in 2017. McCaffery was drafted eighth overall to the Carolina Panthers. He had two very solid seasons in 2017 and 2018. After working hard during the off season, the 2019 season was a big step up. He had 128 rushing yards on 19 attempts, two touchdowns and 10 catches for 81 yards in week one against the Saints, and never slowed down the whole season. McCafferey finished the season with 1,387 yards on 278 attempts, 15 touchdowns and 116 catches on 1,005 yards with four receiving touchdowns. McCaffrey will be looking to continue his success and help the Panthers return to the playoffs next season.

  1. Patrick Mahomes- There should be no surprise that he is first on this list. Mahomes is the son of the MLB pitcher, Pat Mahomes and grew up playing baseball, football, and basketball. He got drafted in the 37th round of the MLB draft by the Detroit Tigers out of high school, but chose to go to college to play football. He went to Texas Tech and played from 2014-2016. Mahomes would declare for the NFL draft in 2017 and was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs 10th overall. 2018 was his first season starting; Mahomes finished the season with 50 passing touchdowns and 5,097 passing yards. He became the second player to accomplish that feat– Peyton Manning was the first in 2013. Mahomes won the MVP and made it to the AFC Championship game. In 2019, he continued his excellent start to his career. Mahomes was having another statistically great year before dislocating his knee in week seven against the Broncos. He came back in week 10 and helped the Chiefs reach the playoffs. Mahomes and the Chiefs would have to comeback in both playoff games to reach the Super Bowl, enlarge part of Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs played the 49ers in the Super Bowl and came back again to win the team’s first Super Bowl in 50 years. Mahomes won Super Bowl MVP and the Chiefs became the only team in NFL history to comeback in three playoff games.