An Overlook of the Boardercross Season


MHS Boardercross Competer Drew Vandagriff (Photo Courtesy of Jerry Rea) Photo Courtesy of Jerry Rearacing.

Bella Reynolds, Sports Editor

The beautiful thing about living in Michigan is that we are faced with all four seasons, and each one defined more than the last. While many students may love spring, summer, or fall, the Milford BoarderCross team is excited for the  freshly fallen snow as they race down the hill each winter. With the relatively new beginning of snowboarding in 1965, the sport has quickly evolved over the years, as has the Milford Boardercross team. Each year the team grows, and is getting stronger; the Milford team has yet to give in to the competition that they face on a daily basis.

Junior Aidan Wilson has been on the Varsity Boardercross team since he was a freshman. “Working my way  up for the past two years, and being a freshman on varsity, I learned to put in the effort and work for my sophomore year,” Wilson said. “This year it was my chance for a higher position, as I am co-captain of the team, and next year it will be my chance to be captain.” Wilson says he loves the “rush” that snowboarding brings to him.

Junior Lauren Wood joined the Boardercross team her sophomore year. “It’s super fun and the race nights are competitive, but the whole team is super supportive during those nights and you can make friendships with a lot of the other kids on opposing teams,” Wood said. The team competes against many surrounding schools, such as Catholic Central, Brighton, and Hartland.

Boardercross  is a very popular, but relatively recent winter sport. In Boardercross, several racers race down a course, and unlike traditional head-to-head races, competitors use the same terrain.

Apart from the successful years before, senior Troy Brazier said “It was disappointing putting in so much work and effort this season, making our way all the way to states, and then placing last. But it just simply wasn’t our year.”

Aside from the tough loss at states, the Boardercross team has had a beyond successful season.

Senior Evan Hughes, Captain of the Varsity girls Boardercross team said, “My mom forced me and my brothers into snowboarding around 5th grade, because we were always lazy during the winter.” With the ironic start of her passion for snowboarding, Hughes was State Champion.  She later continued with

“Sports have always been an emotional outlet for me being able to go, and do what I love with no thoughts added.” This year the team made it to States. Hughes said “The pressure was higher and it was cooler than states in the past because they were sponsored so they had games and music, it was more fun than years in the past. The atmosphere was so different.” Hughes being held to a higher standard as being captain of the team said, “Being captain allows me to give younger girls more direction, and encouragement throughout the season. I love being able to lift them up as we compete and practice.”

With the season nearing an end, the Boardercross season had a season with lots of accomplishments, but not the outcome that they have hoped for.

The team plans to better themselves throughout their off season to grow stronger and better for the seasons to come.

MHS Boardercross Competer Drew Vandagriff
(Photo Courtesy of Jerry Rea)
Photo Courtesy of Jerry Rearacing.
Senior Evan Hughes competing at Boarder Cross states 2020, finishing in third place. (Photo Courtesy of Chris Wall)