The Milford girls bowling team takes on a new season

A member of the Milford girls bowling team aiming for a strike ( Photo courtesy of )

Ashley Riggs, Assistant Managing Editor

The season for the Milford Girls Bowling Team has barely begun; they have only competed in four meets and two tournaments so far.

Currently, their record is 1-3, in which they were up against four of the hardest teams in Lakes Valley Conference (LVC). 

The team has been working very hard to improve, and the hard work has been showing. 

The girls have all increased their averages, and have gotten new high scores. 

Due to the improvement, and already having experience against difficult teams,  Milford is prepared for future meets and tournaments.

The girls are expecting to be more confident when up against a less competitive team. Coach Seth Stern is hopeful that they will finish with a winning season this year. 

Everyone on the team is dedicated and puts a lot of effort in, but, Coach Stern explained that the lead bowlers this season are Meredith Jeffery, Alexis Marquardt, and Amelia Price.

 In addition, Makayla Russell, Emma Hughes, Sara Simonich, and Kayla Kotas are helpful assets to the team. 

Overall, the whole team works well together.

 “I joined the team my junior year just to be with my friends, not thinking I’d get anything out of it. The coaches immediately put effort into helping me improve, and showed that they actually cared about the condition of the team. It was a weird environment to walk right into, but it’s very welcoming once you actually get involved,” said Senior Amelia Price. 

The very first match of the season was against Lakeland. “It was our first game, and they’re our rival, so it’s always competitive,” said Price. “The match came down to only a couple points and it took the whole team to win.” 

The score was 21.0-9.0. Some of the most exciting games are when the scores are close and it’s a rival school. 

Winning the first match of the season set a good tone and excited the Milford girls, who were anxious to see what this season had and has to offer. 

Coach Stern has been coaching for the Milford Girls Bowling team for the past three years.

“So far, this early in the season my fondest memories include watching our teams bond and become one cohesive group, and watching Meredith Jeffery accept her two awards at the Lakeland Invitational Tournament,” said Stern. 

Senior Meredith Jeffery is one of the leading players on the varsity team, she has been on the varsity bowling team all four years of high school, and helped the team win many matches. She signed her letter of intent with Siena Heights University where she has received many scholarships for academics and bowling. 

The team members have set their expectations high for the rest of the season, and are hoping for a good year with even more improvement.