Clemson, LSU battle for NCAA Football Championship

Parker Hill, Staff Writer

Every year the top 4 teams in NCAA football play in a two-game tournament to win the National Championship. This year the teams competing were the Ohio State Buckeyes, LSU Tigers, Clemson Tigers, and Oklahoma Sooners. In the semifinal games, the Clemson Tigers beat the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl, 29-23, and The LSU Tigers beat the Oklahoma Sooners in the Peach Bowl, 63-28. This makes the championship matchupLSU Tigers against Clemson. LSU is competing for its first title since the 2007 season. The Clemson Tigers are competing for back-to-back titles and further cementing the claim at the nation’s most dominant program. 

LSU Quarterback Heisman trophy winner and projected top pick in the 2020 NFL draft, Joe Burrow grew  increasingly dominant during his junior season and it really showed off in the Peach Bowl. He threw for 493 passing yards against the Sooners in a dominant win. However, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is not to be slept on. He showed off his arm, but even more his legs. He led the team in rushes as well as rushing yards, including a 67 yard scoring dash before halftime in the semifinal game. He also has another National Championship under his belt, so he is less likely to be affected by the pressure. LSU has an incredible defense that continues to impress. They have some of the best defensive backs in the league. Clemson’s receivers and run game is very impressive so it’s hard to tell how it will turn out.  This game is being played in New Orleans only 80 miles away from LSU’s campus, making it the ultimate home field advantage. The LSU Tigers are a 6-point favorite to win the game on January 13th. Personally, I think that LSU will win because they’ve proven in both the regular season as well as against Oklahoma that they can perform. Clemson has not proven much as their regular season has less ranked and talented teams. 

This championship game has grown more and more popular over the years. Before, only 2 teams had an opportunity to compete for the trophy, but now 4 teams can compete. As well, sports betting has gotten much more fun and interesting as well. The game has progressed so much that there are more returning viewers than ever and this year will be no different. Both teams have showed immense amount of skills throughout the season and are similarly matched. Will LSU win their first Championship game in 13 years or will Clemson win their second in a row? Either way it’s hard to tell as both teams are talented and deserving.