Boys look forward to swim season


Jule Hattig, Staff writer

With snow already falling, cold winds blowing and Christmas music jingling, many students just want to have a relaxing time with their families. However, this is not the season for rest with the boys of the MHS swim team.

The week before Thanksgiving, the boys swim season started and with this begins one of the hardest, but best times of their year. Each atlete is going to spend the majority of their winter break with their teammates. During this time,

they will grow and improve as as a team in the pool, and additionally will bond outside of it with team dinners. Seniors Marc Carney and Seth Marianos agreed: “These events are always fun, hanging out with friends and making unforgettable memories outside of the swimming pool.”

After successfully coaching the girls team for the first time, Coach

Hype up before the meet. (photo courtesy by Chris Smith)

Chris Smith is looking forward to coaching the boys for the ninth season.

“I am very excited to coach the boys team again… I always look forward to their improvements and competitiveness,” he said. Carney, who is swimming his fourth year for the team, gave this advice to potential swimmers: “Swimming is a hard sport and it is very much a mental sport.” While it is physically demanding, the boys still love their sport.

Seth Marianos performs butterfly. (photo courtesy by Chris Smith)

Marianos added, “High school swim is always fun–stick with it!” Both chose swimming because it makes them feel confident and keeps them in good shape.

Coach Smith will not be changing his coaching methods from that which he used with the girls. “My philosophy and structure will be the same. I am a firm believer in ‘Pitbull Mentality,` intensity and the desire to compete. My team always reflects these characteristics, and hopefully that will never change!”

He is looking forward to seeing the improvements throughout the season and enjoying the fine-tuning of technique.

“I want to get a state cut in backstroke,” Carney exclaimed. This means, that he has to swim a specific time to qualify. Marianos is also excited to achieve his goal and get a state cut. Overall,

Luke Aman performs breaststroke. (photo courtesy by Chris Smith)

Marianos has a favorite meet: “The conferences at the end of the season are always fun and you can see how the team improved,” he said.

The first home meet is on January, 30 at 6pm. States are on March, 13 at the Holland Aquatic Center. Come and support your MHS Boys swim team, and as said by Marianos, “If you are not in the swim team, join the swim team!”