Girls believe trust and confidence will lead to a great year


Natalie Preston

Girls basketball during tryouts 2019

Natalie Preston, Asst. Managing Editor

The winter season is here, and so is the girl’s basketball season. Despite the record last year, 2 wins and 18 loses, MHS’ girls basketball team is back and ready to win.

Along with the new season, the girls varsity basketball team has a new coach, Mike Jenkins. “Jenkins is a great coach.  He brings lots of energy to practices, which all the girls feed off of, and he is always helping us and pushing us to be a better team,” said Junior, Sammy Knapp.

Jenkins has been a coach for numerous years, and has a lot of previous basketball knowledge. Before coming to Milford to coach, he coached girls basketball at Muir Middle School. Jenkins has three daughters who all play basketball and drive him to continue coaching. His passion for basketball has helped to inspire the MHS girl’s basketball team.

“He has made a great impact on my game, my confidence down low at the post, and getting more outside looks and shots,” said Senior, Clayre Shaver. The girls basketball program is very thrilled to have Coach Jenkins as a new addition.

To help out Coach Browne and Jenkins, a fellow Milford basketball alumni has come back to help. Coach Brenna Lovera is a Milford graduate who played soccer at Northwestern University, and currently plays professional soccer overseas. She helps to provide strong connections with the girls and brings a ton of energy to the practices.

Returning coaches this year are Coach David Browne for the varsity team, and Coach Thomas Hipple for the junior varsity team.

Coach Browne has been the Milford girls’ varsity coach for the past six years and plans to continue on. “You can expect improved confidence and assurance of their abilities. Also more confidence and trust with each other,” said Coach Browne. Browne is also thrilled to have 10 players returning, which will make the season even better.

The previous team has built a connection that will help to improve their game on and off the court. Also, the team will be stronger this year since this isn’t their first year playing together. Coach Hipple will also be coming back this year to coach the junior varsity team. “Just like with any other team, I am excited to see the team’s growth,” said Coach Hipple.

Not only are the girls excited about the thrill the upcoming season will bring, they are excited for the team bonding and family atmosphere.

The team builds a bond through different activities done throughout the season. The team sleepovers before the Saturday practices and hanging out after school, really bring the team together, allowing more success on the court. “I’m most excited to play with all my friends. Basketball season is long, but it’s great when you’re playing with all your friends,” commented Junior, Jaclyn Carrannanto, when talking about this upcoming season.

The people apart of the girls basketball program works hard to build a fun and loving environment in every way they can. Even though the season has just begun, the team has been together practicing and hanging out all summer.

This year they did a team bonding canoeing trip in Kensington during the summer and a team scavenger hunt throughout Downtown Milford.

Even the weeks leading up to tryouts, the teams workout together and do an annual run to Dairy Queen to top the week off. The girl’s basketball season is the best time of the year for our team not just because of the competition in games, but because of the bonds that are built with the teammates.

“My favorite part of the season is getting to spend so much time with the team because I love the team so much.” said Senior, Jessie Munson.