Cheerleaders taking the next step to finish on top


Bella Reynolds, Asst. Managing Editor


Along with the new school year comes a new season for the Milford varsity cheer team. With returning members and new faces, the commitment from each girl could already be seen.

Although the official start of the season was in August, the team spent most of its summer together, and are going into the school year with a bond stronger than ever. On Aug. 6-8, the varsity team spent a lengthy and draining week at Alma College attending the Beast Champion Cheer Camp.

Through exhausting days, that the girls felt would never end, the girls powered through. On the second day, they were presented with the “Too Legit to Quit” award. As the week came to a close, the Milford varsity cheerleaders first Beast camp had come to an end, but it was just the beginning of the beastly season ahead of them.

Though many of the members are returning this season, the atmosphere had a different feel. Sideline cheer is perceived very differently from the season following it: competitive. Sideline cheer takes place in the fall, and the goal is to keep the fans engaged and the spirit high during school events, more specifically football games. “Sideline cheer is our preseason to competition,” said Senior Siera Poole.

“Everything we do, everything we learn, every skill we get, will be used to its full advantage during our competition season.”

Even though the season is labeled as “fun”, the girls have felt a lot more pressure as they entered this year.

“This season is so different from last year because we have goals in mind to make ourselves better individuals, and as a whole.”  Poole said. “Last competition season we did extremely well for Milford and went further than ever before, so that was very exciting for us. This sideline season we have surely felt the pressure of being pushed harder to leave our legacy.” Poole later added.

Aside from the pressure of the competition season, the girls also love to have fun under the Friday night lights. Senior cheerleader Josie Black returned for her fourth season.  “Friday nights are all about school spirit, having fun, and getting the community together,” Black said.

As a senior, Black has spent countless hours in and out of the gym practicing to better herself and her team. “I am sad to see my senior year flying by, but I’m excited to see what the future holds ahead of me,” Black continued. She explained that outside of practice, the team spends almost the same amount of time together as they do inside.

From team dinners, sleepovers, and bonding activities, Black says that her favorite memory of the season was, “Getting to share the experience of getting accepted into my dream college with my whole team.” Black being accepted into the University of Alabama, but keeping her options open for her future.Looking ahead is senior Micalah Suser, who is preparing for the competition of the competitive season.

“What makes Milford High School cheer so successful is our dedication and commitment to the sport,” Suser said. “We spend almost every day practicing for hours to make our routine as good as possible, and we all put sweat and tears into the sport we love.”

Suser, being a four-year varsity athlete, has spent countless hours and days bettering herself. For the Milford Competitive cheerleaders, their previous season was beyond successful with two first place finishes, a second-place finish  in the LVC league, and hitting the 700 club (scoring over 700) many times.

“This season I am looking forward to wrapping up my high school career with hopefully placing at the top of the league and advancing to the regional competition!” Suser explained. I am excited for one more season with the girls, and I know we can strive and excel to the next level! Milford cheer has nothing to lose, but everything to win this season!”

The 2019-2020 varsity cheerleaders are hopeful that they will have a strong season with an amazing outcome filled with a bright future to follow.