Milford High School’s Pom team takes the field


Jerry Rea

Milford JV Pom Team against Notre Dame.

Megan Taggart, Staff Writer

Poms in hand, running down the field, heart beat racing, lights so bright you’re almost blinded, crowd hollering with spirit– this is Milford High School’s Pom team! Though it may confuse some, pom is separate from cheer; pom girls provide the audience with a bright and lively halftime performance, filled with dancing, flips, and kicks to show their school pride. As an outside perspective, Milford High School Senior Zak Kabalka stated, “Knowing little to nothing about the Pom team, I find it entertaining to watch! It shows teamwork along with school spirit!”

Pom has two seasons each year: football season, which ranges from late August to mid October, and basketball season, from late November to February. Practice isn’t easy for the girls as it occurs two days a week for nearly 6 months. Varsity pommer Molli Langolf shared that Pom can be a rewarding and exhilarating environment, but that it also made her tougher. “Having tough skin is the basis of being a good dancer,” she said. “All you hear is what you could be doing better, not always what you’re doing good at. It can get hard sometimes, but you have to be able to take it as constructive criticism.” Senior varsity pommer Claire Richert adds what motivates her: “being able to perform for the student section and represent the school.”

Being that the girls first season of 2019 is coming to an end this month, Richert adds that her favorite memory on Pom is, “homecoming week, where the team spends the whole day together from performing in the pep assembly, to walking in the parade, and performing at the game.” A shared memory from both the varsity and junior varsity team is the annual Pom sleepover, as it’s a great way fo

JV Pom Coach LaDia Lynn
Varsity and Junior Varsity During Homecoming Parade.
Photo courtesy of MHS Pom Fabebook
MHS Pom Coaches During Homecoming Game!

r the teams to bond and make the energy on the field stronger, and much more thrilling!

Jerry Rea
Milford Varsity and Junior Varsity Pom Team.