Girls Golf sets high expectations after their big win


Seniors, Jordan Conaway, Emma Berry, Juniors, Kristen Schang, Devin Chaldecott, Sadie Guffy, and freshman Ava Moore. After Milford’s Varsity Golf Team beat Lakeland (Photo Courtesy of the Milford’s Girls Golf Facebook )

Ashley Riggs, Asst. Managing Editor

Unlike some other schools, Milford Girls Golf team is taking this season seriously, while still enjoying the excitement of playing the sport.

This year the team has 15 freshmen. The new freshmen have been important assets to the team as well, the JV and varsity teams are the biggest they have had in years.

“It is great to see just some of their attitudes or approach to it, because sometimes it has become more of a social-like club to hang out and not that competitive,” said JV Coach Hugh Felt. He explained how even the freshmen on his JV team get really upset when they do not play well, which results to them staying after practice to put in extra time.

This is a change from what Felt has seen in the past, where girls would not have the same competitive drive to win, but this year the teams are dedicated to the sport while also having fun at the same time.

“It is kind of relaxing sometimes, unless it gets stressful, but it is fun,” said Senior, Maddie Ricci.

Juniors Helena Wilson and Zoe Dagenhardt, joined the Milford Girls Golf team this year and have really been enjoying it.

“I think my biggest accomplishment so far this season is learning how to properly swing, which Coach Felt helped me improve drastically,” said Helena Wilson. Wilson is new to golf and learned how to properly swing with the help of Coach Felt, everyone is working to improve in some types of ways. The match against Lakeland High School was said to be one of the biggest challenges this year. The team hosted Lakeland at Milford’s home course, Prestwick Village Golf Club. Milford took the win by 20 strokes, which was a big accomplishment for the team. Milford JV team also played Lakeland at Mystic Creek Golf Course, but they lost by 1 stroke, although they still fought hard.

“It all depends on if everyone’s clicking on the given day when they play,.”

Explained Coach Felt after their loss against Lakeland. This big victory is giving the varsity team the confidence that will help them continue to improve and win.

Maddie Ricci said, “ No matter how we finish we are going to have a winning season.”

Ricci’s goal is to place at regionals, which can happen if they continue the way they are now.

Coach Felt’s goal for the girls is  to just continue putting in their hard work since they have shown lots of signs of improvement.

Overall, it will be exciting to see how the Milford Girls golf team will finish the 2019 season.