‘Powderbuff’ Volleyball comes to Milford High

Jon Porter, Staff Writer

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On November 10th, Powder-Buff volleyball will be held for the first time ever in Milford High School’s field house at 7pm. The idea of this was brought up by Milford Leadership, specifically Aiden Warzecha and Megan Wallace, who wanted to start a new event to continue into the future. “Coaching Powder-Puff, and Megan being on the volleyball team really made us think that it would be a great idea to start men’s volleyball,” said Senior Aiden Warzecha. Many of the students in all grades are looking forward to playing. Teams are allowed to form from different grades, for example freshmen can be with seniors. “I am excited to see how it runs and to hear what people thought about it,” said Warzecha.

Admission for the event will be $5 per person, which is also the fee to play. Teams will consist of a minimum 6 people, with optional coaches. Team Huffle-Buff, consisting of all seniors is being coached by Senior Maddie Appleton, who is a D-1 commit to Hofstra University for volleyball. “I am excited to see their reaction when they realize that volleyball is harder than they thought,” said Senior Maddie Appleton. This team created its name after her college, just for banter.

The volleyball players are going to be reffing, and the event is a great idea that has arose for the students of all grades. Profits from the night are going to Milford Miracles, a program  where money is raised to go towards families in the community that are in need during the holidays. It is a great idea that the students themselves with no help from adults came up with to go along with all of there others during the course of the year.

A lot of talk has been heard about this event. Guys are excited to play and they claim it is very easy and wish that there was an actual sport. On the other hand, there are many girls that can not wait to watch the guys play and they expect it to be very interesting. Sign up sheets are in the school store, and the amount of teams that are going to be entering are not currently known, but there is expected to be a good amount. The deadline for registration is Tuesday November 7th.

Trash talk has already started between many teams and fighting over players has caused many arguments. Senior Aiden Warzecha claims that his team without a doubt will win the tournament. This team is an all senior team that tried to obtain 6’7” Junior Gunnar Gustafson who is rumored to be very good. However, Gunnar decided to join a team of all juniors that are going to be coached by Junior Morgan Phipps, who plays on the varsity volleyball team.

Practice is a must for both teams and some rule researching may also occur. “Honestly, I think that this will be a very easy win,  as they (Aiden’s team) aren’t a threat to our team. I am more worried about any other teams,” said Junior Gunnar Gustafson. However Senior Kyle Soderberg believes he is easily going to counter the so-called dominant player. A scrimmage between the two teams will be held on the weekend before the actual tournament. Practices have already been held for a couple of teams.

As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to in this tournament, so come out and enjoy Powderbuff on November 10th.

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‘Powderbuff’ Volleyball comes to Milford High