Milford Volleyball looks to beat Lakeland in Districts

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The Milford Volleyball team plays this Monday against Lakeland for the third time. The last two times, they lost in two dramatic matches. The first was lost in three consecutive sets and the second game that was in a conference tournament concluded in two lost sets. The upcoming game is the first game in the MHSAA District tournament and will take place at Walled Lake Central High School on Oct. 30 at 6:00 p.m.

The rivalry between the two Huron Valley High Schools, Milford and Lakeland, has been built over many years. It keeps getting stronger and crazier as more years go past. The volleyball rivalry is very competitive and always brings a huge amount of students to each student sections. The first match of the year, which occurred at Lakeland High School was very heated and both teams fought hard. Milford  did not play their best game and lost after three long sets.

      Senior volleyball player Maddie Appleton believes that the third game will have a different outcome. “The first game we played we did not pass the ball the way we wanted to and our hits were going into the net or going out of bounds,” said Appleton, who also talked about how the team includes a lot of younger players who were overwhelmed by the pressure of the big Lakeland game.

    “I know we are going to win on Monday, because we’ve put a lot of work into this game and our whole team is on the same page and we do not want to end the season in the first round,” said senior volleyball player Mya Zeese.

Fans are also excited for the re-match.

     “Obviously we have Maddie Appleton, who is a Division-I commit and she is key to our success that works great alongside the rest of the outstanding team that I’ve been watching all season,” said senior volleyball fan Nolan Bailey.

      Make sure you join the volleyball team on Monday and cheer them on in their elimination game. If they win you can keep watching them fight through the division tournament, but if they lose, you’ll be there for the emotional ending to a great season.


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Milford Volleyball looks to beat Lakeland in Districts