Powderpuff returns to MHS

Courtesy of Milford Powderpuff teams

Jon Porter, staff writer

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On Wednesday, Sept. 27, girls Powderpuff will be played for the first time at Milford High School since 2014. The Powderpuff event is for all grades and is a great opportunity for girls to play flag football on the varsity field with the guys doing the cheering. Players of all grades may be feeling nervous or even questioning who is on their team. Once the night comes, all of those feelings will be left behind.

“I am excited to see what it is like to play under the Friday night lights,” said Junior Rachel Beether, as she has heard nothing but outstanding memories from her older brother Nick and his friends.

The Class of 2019 Student Council has done much work putting the night together. Students held sign-ups for the event through all lunches during the first two weeks of school and have put up many posters in the hallways to spread the word. However, early signups were a struggle for the event. Volleyball players can’t play because they have a game scheduled on this date, which has taken potential players out of the event. A lot of time and effort has been invested to make sure this event is a fun event for players and spectators.

Admission will be $10 per person and these funds will be used as a fundraiser for the Class of 2019 prom. There will be one game starting at 7p.m., with the Freshmen and the Juniors battling the Sophomores and the Seniors. Teams will consist of 20 players each, with 10 coming from each grade. Teams were randomly selected by drawing out of a hat. Practices were held throughout the weeks leading up to the game. There will be two coaches per team that will partake in these practices to try and help their team gain an advantage. Coaches for the Senior/Sophomore team include Senora Alfaro, Aiden Warzecha, Nic Glazer, and Bailey Hess. Mr. Reschke, Jon Porter and Marcus Hayes , will coach the Juniors and Freshmen and they have already been rumored to have tricks plays up their sleeves

The rivalry has grown between the teams and the coaches. The red team, ran by Alfaro believes that they have no flaws. Senior Aiden Warzecha claims that Jaden Stanley will be an X factor. A lot of weight has been put on her shoulders to play to the potential seen.

However, they are going into war against team white, a young but very talented team. Juniors Lauren Carrananto and Allison Smith said that losing is not an option.

They also have some hidden star power out of Freshman Addison Krzyzak, who according to her teammates and coaches, will be trouble to stop. Nic Glazer thinks his knowledge will be enough to control the field, get a win, and celebrate the victory. 

To go along with the teams, male students will be on the sideline during the game to cheer on their grade’s team.

“I am looking forward to cheerleading because I can have fun with my friends and see if it is hard or not. I’m not sure what I’m wearing, but we will see,” said Junior Nolan Rand. Help with reffing will be done by Junior Gunnar Gustafson, and Mr. Gilbert, with the help of his two sons Gavin and Camden. The hype around the event has grown exponentially, not only for the girls, but for any of the students who wants to be involved with the night.

Players of all grades may be feeling nervous, but once the night comes, all of those feelings will be left behind.

As Powderpuff may have been forgotten in the past few years, the game is finally back. Many people see this as a chance to heavily increase the attendance.

A lot of people’s minds are on the night. “I am really hoping to win, but we will see what happens. It should be a night to remember,” said Junior Alex Youngblood. An abundance of students can’t wait for the night to come, and they hope that the tradition continues to grow for many years to come.  

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Powderpuff returns to MHS