Should listeners blast this new album in “The Car?”

Should listeners blast this new album in “The Car?”

Sabrina Girardi, Arts and Entertainment editor


“I turned on the first song and said to myself, ‘This is Arctic Monkeys?’” said Senior Megan Hotchkiss. “It sounds like jazz?” Senior Layna Riley questions. When it comes to the popular English rock band, Arctic Monkeys’ newest album release, “The Car,” there is unison in some negativity.

The album startles Arctic Monkeys’ listeners with a new feel compared to their previous beloved sound. Their seventh studio album, “The Car”, came out this past October, and listeners have had some time to digest the 10 new tracks placed on the dashboard. The reviews so far haven’t been all too positive.

Some of Milford High School Seniors spoke about the album and disappointment rang through these fans’ ears and out their mouths.

Megan Hotchkiss  

Hotchkiss is a Senior at Milford and has expressed admiration and love of Arctic Monkeys in the past. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the new album. . “…they all sound the same. With a band that took the creative liberties to step away from their usual sound, I would have liked to see some differentiation.” Hotchkiss talks about how disappointing this new music is compared to their previous music.  “It is slow, and at times, boring and repetitive, “said Hotchkiss. Their normal music is so eccentric and rock, it draws your head into bobbing rhythm, compared to this new style.

“This album was like nothing I have ever heard from them before. While it was impressive that they were able to combine their rock/alternative band with a jazz flare, I miss their old sound. ‘AM’ and ‘Favourite Worst Nightmares’ have some of my favorite songs; this album just couldn’t compare.” “AM” is their fifth studio album and “Favorite Worst Nightmares” is their second studio album, both of these being in top charts for the Arctic Monkeys hits. This opinion does not stand alone.

Layna Riley

Speaking to another longtime fan of Arctic Monkeys, Senior Riley is in alliance with Hotchkiss, with her dismay. “I was actually pretty disappointed because I was really hoping to like it since I like their music so much.” As other fans commonly have been expressing, this new music doesn’t hit the mark of their previous albums.

“I wish it was more upbeat or more like “AM”. I can never get enough of that album…It’s ten times better than this one.” This album clearly, as Hotchkiss said “…just couldn’t compare” to “AM” or their other loved albums.

Overall, listening to “The Car” was too different to be interpreted adequately for past fans of the band, as waiting four years to be introduced to a completely new feel left nothing but dispirited hearts. Even so, other students enjoyed the new sound.

Sophia Jobe

The first semi-positive review comes from Senior Sophia Jobe, who is a fan of Arctic Monkeys, especially Alex Turner (lead singer).

In talking about Turner, her admiration for the artist is revealed as she says, “Alex Turner needs to write a rap album” and “Alex Turner is hot” which is an entirely new genre Jobe is proposing, as well as perhaps some extra liking towards Turner compared to the band as a whole. Besides the rap proposition from Jobe, when it came to the album, she recommended “Hello You,” and came to feel quite neutral towards the new album as a whole.

“It was very different. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it just was a whole different feeling. It seemed more slow and jazzy, which was very unique…Not what I expected but not complaining.”

For all, this new sound was out of the blue, and “.. a whole different feeling.” This causes some adjustment between what’s expected, and what was offered. For another senior, this was a good thing.

Anna Ivezaj

Ivezaj is a devoted Arctic Monkeys listener, especially “AM,” which among many others is her favorite album from the band. As she confesses “ …my forever favorite will be AM, so “The Car” compared to that for me are two whole different things.”

Even so, Ivezaj takes the positive. “I definitely think it’s different from what they’re known for, but I like how it is different. I especially like the beat of the songs but I still need to get used to the new album.” For Ivezaj, the new album didn’t lose her as a listener, and she is instead adapting to their new music.

As presented through these Seniors’ perspectives, some listeners took well to this change in sound, and saw it as an opportunity to get a feel and love the bands current, new expression.

Turner’s voice is highlighted more in their new music compared to previous bass-and -guitar-centered rock with their pound-your-feet rhythm, contrasting to the more tranquilizing, flowing sound of “The Car.” This leaves some pleasantly surprised at the addictive, unique voice of Turner that swirls and surges throughout the song. With an extremely wide vocal range, the polar opposite notes he achieves is astonishing.

And some saw it as a loss of one of their favorite bands. Previous fans clinging onto “AM” and “Favourite Worst Nightmares” like a child, as the Arctic Monkeys sound they knew and loved has become just an imaginary friend.

To decide whether this album was a win for the band or a loss is hard to tell. New music from Arctic Monkeys is always a pleasure to fans, and the fresh jazz tones and sound has brought new listeners in the mix, but also lost a majority. Hopefully, Arctic Monkeys will grow more with this new sound, and attain their longing fans back.