Top 5 outfits from the inauguration

Madeline Penzel, Staff Writer

On January 20th, 2021, President Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States along with Vice President Kamala Harris. Inauguration Day gave us a new set of leaders for our country, but it also gave us some amazing outfits that have more to them than just a good look. From monochromatic outfits with matching masks to beautiful coats, there was so much to talk about. Here’s the top 5 outfits from Inauguration Day: 


  1. Naomi and Finnegan Biden

 In fifth place are President Biden’s granddaughters Naomi and Finnegan, which I felt the need to group together. The duo wore matching monochromatic outfits with coordinating masks, scarves and gloves. Finnegan wore a camel Brandon Maxwell coat with a matching jacket. Her sister Naomi wore a similar outfit, but in all white. I really liked both of their outfits and how well they coordinated with each other. Both outfits suited the sisters well and were very youthful and clean. 

  1. Amanda Gorman 

 Amanda Gorman is a poet who was the youngest person to speak at the inauguration. She wore a full Prada outfit including a bright yellow double-breasted coat with a white button up shirt and black pencil skirt underneath. To accessorize, Gorman wore a bright red headband, a red sparkly mask and black leather pumps. I absolutely love how she styled her hair with the headband and how the bright pops of color just went so well together. Red and yellow is not a color I see together often, but I think they were executed well. Overall, I really appreciated the uniqueness of this outfit. The colors fit well  with her complexion and really made her stand out. 

  1. Jill Biden

 Next up is the First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden. A lot of people sported the monochromatic look on Inauguration Day, and Jill Biden’s has to be one of my favorites. Her full ensemble was designed by Markarian, a small New York City brand. I love that she supported a small business known for their amazing special event pieces. The outfit was all teal which is said to symbolize trust and loyalty. The coat was a tweed sparkly material with velvet accents, and the dress had the same material but with a sheer neckline and sleeves. Just like the rest of the family, a matching mask and gloves were worn by the FLOTUS. Teal is definitely the First Lady’s color and it went so well with her hair and the story behind the color and designer is just the cherry on top. 

  1. Ella Emhoff 

 Next is Ella Emhoff,VP Harris’s step daughter. Emhoff’s outfit was very popular on social media with younger audiences and for good reason. She wore a Miu Miu tartan coat that had crystal-encrusted shoulders and a pilgrim collar, designed by Batsheva, a New York designer. According to Emhoff, she wanted to go for a “little girl look” to show her feminine side for the big event. I love how Emhoff and designer Batsheva worked together to make a formal outfit for the inauguration while also adding some cool style elements. The tartan coat is such a classic piece, but the crystals and lace collar really elevated the look. Overall, I really enjoyed this look because Batesheva took something so classic and turned it into an outfit perfect for the Inauguration. 

  1. Michelle Obama 

Coming in at number one, we have former First Lady Michelle Obama. Her outfit went with the monochromatic theme many others were wearing on Inauguration Day. The full plum outfit was designed by Sergio Hudson, and is topped off with one of his signature oversized gold belts. I loved this color on Obama and it really complimented her skin tone. The silhouette of the flare pants and the coat were really pretty as well. Obama’s stylist, Meredith Koop knew from the beginning that she had to wear pants. “Pants, pants, pants. Ah, the liberation of pants! No skirts, no dresses. Practical beautiful pants,” Koop told People. . I can agree that the pants were absolutely beautiful and a great choice. Overall, Michelle Obama deserves the top spot on this list because her whole look was so put together. From her beautiful hair to the monochromatic pantsuit, it was all perfect. 


Overall, I was really impressed with the Inauguration outfits this year. I felt inspired by the messages behind each piece and how interesting and influential they were. Each outfit worn by these ladies was more than just an outfit. The influence of fashion and the messages behind it are so important in society. The color purple symbolizes the National Women’s Party and unity, blue represents trust and stability. The outfits from the 2021 Inauguration show that fashion is more than just a look, it’s a message.