How to stay safe during spring break


Allen J. Schaben

Rather than vacationing at popular spring break destinations, consider exploring a smaller town, which will help travelers avoid crowds.

Sydney Hill, Staff Writer

Though the tradition of spring break is very important to American high school and college students, it may be something to be cautious of for the following year. Outbursts of the coronavirus have spread across the world, especially in popular spring break destinations. Although many spring break locations may not be the safest for this coming spring break, there may be a few places that can still be fun while having the proper safety precautions. 

Many students will resort to the more southern or tropical locations like Florida or Mexico, however, studies have shown that these places are COVID hotspots and it’s safer to stay away. According to the HuffPost, “It may not be the best time to go to a beach. Consider a relaxed vacation in a historic town, or go further away from South America and discover something new, away from the crowds.” Although these destinations may seem like the best way to go, they can be very dangerous to the communities surrounding them. There are plenty of other fun and safe options for spring breakers this upcoming year that can keep our communities safe while still getting away to a nice vacation.

If you’re looking to go to a place with a beach, the Great Lakes are the way to go. According to CNN travel, “You’ll probably prefer the feel of freshwater over salt, and you probably won’t miss seasickness, seaweed, or sharks.” The Great lakes also have many lake activities and tourist attractions nearby that are perfect for friends and family, like lake sports, camping, hiking, and fishing, and cities nearby have lots of attractions as well like shopping or restaurants. The Great Lakes are a safer alternative for your spring vacation while still having the beach experience that most are hoping for. 

While many students look forward to traveling, others may need to stay home in order to save money and stay safe. There are lots of fun activities to do locally, like drive-in movies, shopping, and spending time with friends and family.

While spring break may be a good time to spend with friends, safety precautions still need to be acknowledged and followed. Try to keep your circles small and limit to ten people or less. “The event must be kept small — ideally, 10 people or fewer,” says the MD Anderson Cancer Center. “Any time you invite people over who don’t normally live with you, the odds of transmission increase. And the more people are involved, the greater your chances of getting the coronavirus.” This suggests that one should limit the number of people per group and keep it to people you know or close friends. It’s important to follow the COVID-19 guidelines of the area and be sure to wear a mask, stay socially distanced from others, and make sure to wash your hands as much as possible. 

Spring break is a time meant for having fun, but it is still very important to be responsible during these times. Be sure to follow guidelines and restrictions to protect the community and keep families safe. Spring break vacation can still be a fun time for all with plenty of destinations to choose from, as long as it’s safe, limited, but most importantly fun.