Current Status of Climate Change


Determine how changing how you do a single routine can help our planet.

Liam Foley, Staff Writer

The majority of Americans now believe that climate change not only exists, but is caused by human activity. According to Yale University study, 73 percent of Americans believe it is occurring.  So why do they choose to ignore it? People do not commonly discuss this topic because it’s uncomfortable to discuss the urgency and importance of climate change and how it may affect our everyday lives.

Our planet’s current average surface temperature is nearly 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It may not seem like much, but the number is only going to continue rising if we do not do anything about reducing pollutants. What happens if it were to rise even further? Rising surface temperatures negatively affect glaciers, ice sheets, permafrost, and the vegetation in Earth’s ecosystems. But if we act upon it now then we can delay our planet’s deterioration, aiding the lives of future generations.

Why should we do anything about it? The effects of global climate change are already starting to happen. With modelling studies from NASA, they’re projecting warmer and drier environments across the world, climate change paints a bleak future for the region, a future where both people and biodiversity stand to lose.

When drought and high temperatures collide in areas with high concentration of trees and vegetation could cause wildfires, but the main factor is the carbon dioxide level in the soil of the region which makes the fires stronger, the most recent example of this is the Amazon Rain forest.

The hard hitting hurricane Dorian was the strongest hurricane recorded; Warmer oceans fuel more extreme storms; rising sea levels bolster storm surges and lead to worse floods, NASA scientist Tim Hall reported.

According to NOAA the globally averaged sea level is expected to rise by 1-4 feet during the next century, which will amplify the coastal storm surge. The rising of the sea level is due to our surface temperature causing  icebergs worldwide to melt; NASA claimed that due to greenhouse gasses that we produce we melt nearly 4,000 miles of the arctic ice cap every year; which is also nearly the same distance from Detroit, Michigan to Dublin, Ireland.

If you would like to assist in delaying these atrocities then you should demand and vote towards climate solutions this election, that is if you are over the age of 18.

Candidates Joe Biden and Michael Bennett have proposed some amazing ideas that would contribute greatly to our planet’s recovery. But for those whom are under the age of 18 you could use energy wisely. By becoming more energy-efficient, you not only pollute less, but save money too. Unplug computers, TVs and other electronics when you’re not using them. Experts agree that in order to minimize our impact on the world’s climate, we’ll need to eat a lot less meat; Meat makes up 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions that come from agriculture,


The Guardian reported, “The carbon imprint and water demands from raising enough chickens, cows, pigs, and fish to feed a hungry planet are simply too high to continue dining as we have for so long; the best alternative to this is to become a vegan or eat more vegetables than meat. So next time you hit up the grocery store, try and spend more time in the produce aisle and skip the butcher’s counter. The final method is to wash clothes in cold or warm water (not hot), then you could hang-dry your clothes when you can.”

Climate change is on the rise and natural phenomenon abound, our planet is on the way to self destruction and human life is the cause. We can’t live without our planet but few individuals don’t understand that it is neutral, our planet needs us in order to live as well, we the people have a debt to pay with our planet and the time is now. If you wish to help then take action, the least one could do is spread the word.