Law of Attraction to manifest dreams

Mckenna Breen, Staff Writer

Law of Attraction
This photo shows someone attracting objects into their life

For many people, there are moments where it seems like the stars are aligning perfectly, as if they’re writing their own destiny. Everybody goes through hard times; for these people it might seem like nothing. Some people believe that they’re just blessed with good luck. How is this possible? Law of Attraction. It sounds crazy but this is something many people believe in.

The Law of attraction is the belief that you have the ability to attract whatever you are focusing on into your life (Psychology Today). Regardless of age, nationality, or religious belief, we’re all qualified to use this power to our advantage. The law uses the power of our mind to take whatever our thoughts are and turn them into reality. In a simplified definition, all thoughts turn into things eventually. Although most people use this power to attract positive outcomes, it works just the same for negative. If you’re in a bad place in your life and all you think of is the negative, the law of attraction says you will remain in that bad place.

More negative things will happen, keeping you imprisoned. If you find the light in every dark situation, it’s easier to make things go in a more positive direction, vice versa.  For example, you’re about to audition for a college music program you really want to get into and leading up to it you start to get really nervous and start doubting yourself, you go in and end up bombing the whole audition. Keep your thoughts negative and negative things will happen. This is also known as the belief that you can manifest your own destiny.

Manifesting your destiny may be a tricky concept. The ten steps recommended to start manifesting your destiny from experts Cali Estes, PhD and Life Coach and Founder of the Addictions Coach April Masini is to start by setting a clear path and plan. You have to know what you want. It’s impossible to attract something from your thoughts if you don’t have anything you want. With scientific evidence using the placebo effect for example; if you think you’re taking medication to feel better even if the ‘medication’ you’re taking is just sugar you will in fact start to feel better. If you focus all your energy into something positive, positive things will happen. Such as going to perform at a competition for dance and standing on the side of the stage and telling yourself that you got this. The performance in general will be more entertaining and you will also do better overall.

Beware that your destiny won’t always happen the way you envision. Manifesting your destiny is not like rubbing a bottle and asking a genie to grant you all your wishes, but what you invest energy into will appear to you in some shape or form. Manifesting destiny believes that what you give, you receive.

The Law of Attraction is explained by the Law of Karma. This law explains that if you put negative into the world that’s what you will receive. For example, if you were to go into a game or competition with the mindset that you aren’t going to win you won’t since you’ve already made your mind up about how the end result will go.  You have to maintain focus and discipline.

You will never get what you want if you are not focused on it. You cannot rely fully on the universe; you have to work for what you want. Free will is unaffected by manifesting destiny. You cannot make someone do what you want them to do. It’s not like everyone in this world is a voodoo doll that you can control with your thoughts and wishes.  And for the last step, you have to dismiss what you don’t want to make room for what you do want.

In the same context as taking control of your self-confidence, self-love, and self-acceptance, no other person has the power to effect change in your life other than you. Nobody can force you to change or do anything you don’t want to do.

If you’re willing to give it a chance you have to let go. Start by suspending your disbelief. You have to truly accept the fact that it is possible even if it is the least possible thing for you to believe in.

There is something in all this “Law of Attraction” mumbo jumbo. Agree to allow yourself to believe in something “crazy” for a while. You can practice visualizing your goals and the feeling of achieving them. Believe that you can have anything you desire no matter how crazy it may be. Be willing to fully leap into the concept that it is possible to manifest your destiny.

The Law of Attraction is always working, whether you believe it or not. Although you may not have believed it was working, all those times you said something negative about yourself or a grade such as “I did so bad on that test” that was you manifesting your destiny. Think of all the times you’ve used the Law of Attraction and never realized it. Allowing yourself believe will give yourself permission to start using this effectively and to your advantage.

Taking this step will allow you to take control. Suspend your disbelief temporarily and you’ll find it suspending forever simply by waking up and telling myself it’s going to be a good day to start it off on the right foot.