Politics and school

Steven Grigereit, Opinion editor

Politics may be considered one of the sorest subjects In America. Since the 2017 elections, friendships have been ruined all because of political beliefs. The friendships that are still standing often have to avoid politics altogether. But why is it such a big deal?

The country we live in, is now divided. There seems to be no middle ground anymore –  it’s either left or right- Republican or Democrat.

It all starts with the 2016 election. A new standard was set. The person that seemed to be the most “radical” candidate was representing the right.  The candidate on the left was only liked by a portion of her party. What is the new standard that was set? A political scale that is heavily weighted on both ends of the scale with very little room for moderates.

So why does all of this have such an impact in everyday student relationships. Well, like their parents, many young adults picked a side (often their parents’ side) and when you live in a household that is as passionate as many of the households are, the odds of political debates and arguments increase. These debates will often carry into the young adult friendships and school.

Being young adults, most of the time, a filter is lost and others’ feelings aren’t necessarily taken into consideration; Therefore, people become offended and relationships are more easily thrown away then mended.

This can be magnified in school. Students generally hang out with people that they get along with. When a student in a certain group has a different belief, it becomes very easy for everyone else in the group to target the student in a joking manner. This may make the student feel discluded and may make the student feel a sense of being alone.

For the most part politics is just uncomfortable to talk about with other students, especially if students have opposing views.

It is good to have healthy conversations and debates, but when politics is taken into school and people feel as though they are losing friends due to their beliefs, a line has been crossed.