Spring Broke: A sarcastic piece

Kelly Hier, Staff Writer

Why would you ever want to cook your skin like bacon under the blistering heat and light of the sun when you can look like a pale vampire from Twilight saga? It’s all the rage since the first book came out!

I honestly don’t understand why anyone would stay down in Florida for a week when Milford is a quiet non-partying haven of almost silence. And who needs a beach when we’ve got the freezing Huron River cutting through Milford? I doubt you’d get a tan or burn if you tried swimming there.

Who would want to look like a baked potato when you’re back at school with your friends, teachers, and peers amongst you? Especially if you’ve random patches of dead skin peeling off your body, which is really disturbing. As for tan lines, all they do is show how much of your skin you were stupid enough to expose to the harmful ultra violet rays, and they make you look like an animal with two different shades of skin or your spots and stripes.

The price alone is so expensive just to stay in a hotel, eat, pay gas or take a light, and any souvenirs or activities you want to do add up to a lot of money. So why would anyone pay so much money for that when an inexpensive route would be to stay at home and take a dip in the freezing cold Huron River?

The best part about staying in your own home for all of spring break is that you can be all alone and don’t have to speak to anyone including your friends, family, relatives, acquaintances, or neighbors. It can really give you a good chance to clear you’re mind when you are surrounded by the same old scenery, memories, people, and places.

You will have loads of time on your hands you could clean your room, the bathroom, and even the whole house with a week’s worth of time on your hands. But that’s not all you could do, you could get a job, or if even do every last bit of homework from school and then get ahead in all of your classes.