Groundbreaking Charity Week


Abbi Gabli

Milford’s 2023 Charity Week was dedicated to Junior Jordan Tippin and her fight against cervical cancer (Photo by Abbi Gabli)

Alexandra Adam, Staff Writer

Milford community raises $50,000 for Junior Jordan Tippin

Charity Week is an exciting time for many students at Milford High School. Aside from being a chance to break from the everyday routine and have fun with friends, it is also a chance for students to give back to the Milford community.

For this year’s Charity Week, Milford chose to help MHS Junior Jordan Tippin, who has unfortunately been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Tippin is known to be a bright and happy student by her peers and staff members.

According to MHS Leadership teacher David Gilbert, “We went over the pluses and negatives of every single charity, and it was overwhelmingly high for Jordan.”

Gilbert elaborated on why leadership chose in favor of Tippin:

“We love choosing smaller charities that are closer to home, not just you know, big corporate organizations that have a lot of money,” Gilbert said.

Through Charity Week, Milford has had the opportunity to make a huge impact on Tippin’s family, as well as the Anjanette Foundation. This organization helps families struggling with medical bills, in addition to the homeless population.

The goal for Milford this year was to bypass last year’s overall sum of $35,000. But this year, Milford raised an outstanding $50,000.

There were many ways that MHS families and students were able to contribute. For one, proceeds coming from the different events throughout the week were donated to the cause. This includes tickets to Jail & Bail, Mr. Milford, Movie on the Field and more.

Gilbert stated, “I am most excited for Jail & Bail. It just reminds me of elementary school. Kind of like a field day.”

Students are also finding their own way to contribute, like Senior Kennedy Russell, who used her baking background to sell baked goods that went towards Tippin’s medical expenses.

When talking about her decision to contribute, she explained, “I could’ve easily only given a portion back, but what would that be saying? I am fully capable of making these treat boxes and giving the money back without having to worry about the financial burden.”

Her friend, Sophomore Savannah Carnaghi, also helped with the fundraiser. Together, they hope to help the Tippin family and make a difference.

“What I do know is that taking 20 hours of my own time to make these boxes is going to immensely help them so much more than what I would get out of it,” Russell said.

There were also fun ways to dress up every day of the week to show support. For this year’s theme, underclassmen battled the upperclassmen.

On May 12, the Friday before the start of Charity Week, the theme was Blue (underclassmen) vs. Red (upperclassmen). On charity week the themes were the following:

5/15- PJ Day

5/16- Mathlete vs. Athlete

5/17- Hero vs. Villain

5/18- Kooks vs. Pogues

5/19- Class Color

Charity Week is a vital part of the school year for many, as they can make a difference in the lives of others. With the help of Milford High School and the community, this charity week has aided our very own Maverick.

Looking back on the week, Gilbert recalled, “this successful charity week represents Milford High School and our community.”

The Milford community wishes the best for Tippin and hopes to help in any way possible. This was a great chance for everyone to come together and make a positive impact on the lives of one of our own.

Senior Kennedy Russell and Sophomore Savannah Carnaghi made treat boxes to raise money for Junior Jordan Tippin and Charity Week.(Photoby Abbi Gabli).