NHS inducts new 2017 members

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NHS inducts new 2017 members

On Oct. 26, 35 new NHS members were recognized in front of family and administration.

On Oct. 26, 35 new NHS members were recognized in front of family and administration.

On Oct. 26, 35 new NHS members were recognized in front of family and administration.

On Oct. 26, 35 new NHS members were recognized in front of family and administration.

Courtney Fortin, Editor in Chief

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All eyes were drawn toward the illuminated stage. Proud parents and administrators packed into the MHS Little Theatre and watched as students filed in one by one. On the stage was a set of soon-to-be-filled bleachers and four unlit candles. The lights dimmed lower, the hushes in the crowd silenced, and the ceremony was ready to begin.

On Thursday, Oct. 26 at 7 p.m., Milford High School’s National Honor Society held its induction ceremony to honor those joining the organization. This year, there were 35 new members added to Milford’s NHS chapter. One by one, each student was called to the stage where they were recognized for their outstanding achievements with academics, extracurriculars, and volunteer work.

Junior Connor Meadows being recognized on stage and receiving his NHS stole.

NHS is a year-long organization eligible for Juniors and Seniors. In order to get involved, students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher are invited to apply; from there, candidates fill out various forms regarding their school involvement and community service. In addition, NHS applicants must have teachers fill out recommendation forms in order to judge their leadership and character. Finally, NHS advisors holistically review the applicants and select students that embody the characteristics of an NHS member.

(Left to right) NHS President Ryan Stults, Secretary Olivia Mobley, Vice President Alix Hess, and Public Relations Officer Lillian Simerly

Milford’s NHS is under the advisory of Jennifer Hittle and Robert Vosk with the help of four senior officers: President Ryan Stults, Vice-President Alix Hess, Social Media Coordinator Lyllian Simerly, and Secretary Olivia Mobley. 

The primary function of being an NHS member is to help the community while embodying NHS’ four main pillars: character, scholarship, leadership, and service. At the start of the induction ceremony, the senior officers each read a description of a pillar and then lit one of the four candles.

As an NHS member, it’s essential to build a strong, caring character. Each student should be idiosyncratic and establish his or her own individuality while being responsible and trustworthy.

In addition to having a good morale, it’s important for NHS students to have the desire to learn. The scholarship pillar focuses on being diligent with ones work and striving for more knowledge.

It’s one thing to be a member of a club or organization, but being a leader adds another element to it. Leadership is covetted in NHS because it’s important for members to take initiative with different activities and ensure tasks are followed through on.

The last pillar is service. Specifically for Milford High School, community service is a large aspect of NHS. Each student is required to complete 12 hours of volunteer work per semester while participating in two group volunteer projects. NHS members strive towards bettering their community and take pride in the work they do.

The ceremony came to a close by new inductees and returning members rising and reciting the NHS pledge as parents and staff proudly watched.

(Left to right) New and returning members junior Abby Knapp, senior Carmen Crandall, senior Maddie Kobylski, junior Allison Smith, senior Sydney Stankovich, and junior Lauren Carrannanto.

Although NHS members are invited to apply, prospective students can strive towards maintaining a 3.5 GPA while participating in various leadership roles and volunteer work. Being in NHS is not just something to put on college applications, but an amazing experience for students to have the opportunity to genuinely help those around them.

This year, the NHS chapter has established several goals to better themselves and the community. “The National Honor Society’s purpose is multifaceted,” explained President Ryan Stults. “This year our goals are to really provide key service to the community, develop leaders, and serve where help is needed.”