All Michigan health classes will now have a CPR requirement

Dan Onofrio, Staff Writer

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Elective classes have changed in previous years and health class are about to add a new graduation requirement.

Health is one of the required classes that all students must need take to graduate. Next year, all students who have not taken health will have to become trained in CPR and become certified. At Milford, students can take health in a classroom or online through an e2020 class. However, this will be a challenge now because being able to teach a CPR class online will be difficult. 

Health teachers like Mr. Eichbauer are uncertain about the change in the curriculum.

¨The decision was passed around two weeks ago and a lot is still undecided. Health teachers have not learned anything about the changes yet,¨ Eichbauer stated.

There are still have to be decisions about who will be teaching the CPR requirements and whether districts will either they pay someone to come train their teachers.

All these questions are making kids who have not taken health yet, a little worried about the requirement.

¨I don’t know if I can take it in e2020 and still get the CPR certification; I think I shouldńt have to be required to take the class. I believe teachers should be the ones getting certified just in case of an emergency,¨ said junior Nathan Grigereit.

Other students who are already certified are thrilled everyone is being required.

¨I had to get certified to be able to babysit and I think that everyone should be certified because you never know when something will happen and it is important to be prepared,¨ said sophomore Grace Hasley.

Overall, there are many unknowns about the change in the curriculum, but we will figure out more about it them once the State of Michigan finalizes its decision.

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All Michigan health classes will now have a CPR requirement