Milford citizens march to remember MLK

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Milford citizens march to remember MLK

Dylan Riggs, Staff Writer

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On the third Monday in January every year, we celebrate the life of one of the greatest civil rights activists and best people to ever walk the Earth. That man was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Many people throughout the country get together to honor him in many ways. Here in Milford, we honor Dr. King with a large celebration throughout the weekend of MLK Day. Lakeland English teacher Isaac Perry is the Chair of the Huron Valley MLK Day Committee and helped create this celebration.

“This celebration is to honor Dr. King’s sacrifice for equality in America and to keep his words and his vision for our society alive. We are constantly challenged with problems of inequality, discrimination, racism, and intolerance year after year, and it is crucial to remember leaders like Dr. King, the message of the Civil Rights Movement, and the nonviolent methods they used to solve similar, much more drastic problems in the past,” said Perry.

¨Dr. King is one of the most important figures in American history. He paved the way for equality of all people as a civil rights activist,” said sophomore Mike Smith

The most important piece of the celebration is the March on Main Street. This normally draws a large crowd of people together in the streets of downtown Milford. Around 1 P.M., the streets will close and the people gathered will march while the famous “I Have a Dream” speech is played.. The March will end at the Suzanne Haskew Arts Center, where there will be snacks and refreshments, as well as the submissions from the art contest on display. The ceremony will conclude with the announcing of the winners of the contest, information about upcoming community service projects, and a musical performance from Red Herring.

This celebration is more than just a celebration of Dr. King, as community service is also a vital part of all that takes place. “Our event is meant to promote community service, and one thing we’re doing this year is collecting items like shampoo, toothpaste, and any other personal hygiene item to donate to local needy families. We have a red collection bin set up at Kroger,” said Perry on the community service involved in the event.

¨He really brought the issue to everyone’s attention. He was very vocal about it and the issue couldn’t be ignored like it had been in the past,” said sophomore Miles Morris on Dr. King’s legacy.

MLK Day celebrates one of the most influential people ever alive, so all it takes is for you to make a positive influence on your community and the world around it. It isn’t difficult to make a difference in the world. Perry states, “I want people to know that this celebration is about opening doors of opportunity for giving back to the community. Milford is a wonderful place to live, and Huron Valley in general is truly special, but there are also many families that need help and support and there are plenty of outdoor projects that require volunteers. Together, we can all make a real difference in the lives of others, and we can start on MLK Day.”

For more information or to get involved with MLK Day throughout the year, visit or follow us on Facebook.