Future Mavs from Muir visit MHS

Cami Munce, Community Editor

Mlford Leadership welcomed the incoming freshmen class from Muir Middle School last week. Leadership has been having the 8th graders tour Milford since the class began years ago. In total, this class will not only welcome Muir and Oak Valley at Miford, but go to each middle and elementary school in the district.

The goal of doing community outreach is to inform and interact with people outside the class in hopes of spreading the leadership mentality.

When asked what his favorite element of the Muir 8th grade tours, Isaac Phillips, a Milford junior, replied, “I liked having three booths. This year went a lot smoother than in years past.”

Some students said there has been an element of disorganization with previous middle school tours, but the Leadership class pulled together an amazing experience for the future Mavs.

“I think the the 8th grade tours are a great idea. I remember when I was an 8th grader and I was very nervous about high school. Hopefully, these tours will help eliminate the fear of going to a new school,” stated Sophomore Mya Zeese.

The Leadership class has been more than helpful with this concern.