When is it too soon to listen to holiday music?


Milford students opinions on when they listen to Christmas music (Grphic by Leah Fitzgerald).

Leah Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

Walking in a winter wonderland¨ As it’s getting to be that time of year that we all love; the snow starts to fall, joyful people fill the streets and the sound of Christmas music is heard throughout stores. It’s time for the Holidays. However, one of the biggest questions of the Christmas season is when is the right time to listen to Holiday music?

Many people start the Christmas music craze right after Halloween. Others feel the best time is to wait till after Thanksgiving. A select group of people believes that the correct time to listen to music is Dec. 1st.

Vice Principal Elizabeth Suminski and English teacher Michelle Wall begin listening to Christmas music on Nov. 1st. They have a habit of calling each other when they hear Christmas music on the radio, so they can both switch over and listen to it. “I think it’s cozy and very festive and makes me feel happy; it’s such a short timeframe,” Wall said. “Every year that I’d like to enjoy it for as long as possible because it’s gone before you know it.” Suminski loves listening to Christmas music throughout the season because it makes her happy and nostalgic.

In response to people who believe Christmas music should only be played after Thanksgiving, Suminski states, “Thanksgiving is a day. Christmas is a season.” She continued by explaining that her family still decorates for Fall and hosts Thanksgiving dinner, but before & after the one day of Thanksgiving, they are also preparing for Christmas.

Milford Junior Hayden Smith debates that the right time is at the beginning of December. Smith said, “I prefer to listen to Christmas music during December when there is snow on the ground because if you start listening to the music in November, it gets repetitive and overplayed.”

However, here at Milford High School the majority disagree with Smith and decide to start the winter festivities as soon as they can. In a poll taken from current students, the results came back with 44% of students preferring to start listening after Halloween, 42% right after Thanksgiving and a shocking 13% on Dec. 1st. Overall, 86% feel that waiting till Dec. 1st entails not enough time to tune in to the festive music.

No matter what time of year you choose, there is no wrong time to play a Christmas classic. Despite the debates, everybody everywhere loves Christmas music and the holiday season.

So, Whenever you choose to listen to the fun-filled sounds brought to us by Michael Bublé or Mariah Carey, sing your heart out, because once Christmas passes it’s time to go back to your regular day-to-day music and you will have to wait till the holiday season comes back around. “Have yourself a merry little Christmas this year¨