Shop local this holiday season


Local businesses in Milford, MI that community members should check out next time they’re out on the town (Graphics by Abbigayle Gabli).

Abbigayle Gabli, Arts & Entertainment Editor, Opinion Editor

It is extremely easy to hit a button that adds an item to your shopping cart, not to mention how easy it is to return online shopping gifts. However, it is still vital we all try to shop locally this holiday season.

Executive Director of the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce, Joell Beether said, “Shopping locally during the holiday season is a prime time to do it. You will avoid waiting on shipping, and you will most likely find more unique items right in your own backyard and the best part is you will feel good about doing it.”

Shopping at local businesses in Highland or Milford this holiday season can really help out our community. . They have not only had to deal with two holiday seasons with the COVID pandemic, but also have had to compete with large retailers like Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Target, etc.

Why shop locally?

Local businesses not only keep our community alive but also sponsor our local sports teams and organizations. Beether said, “We need to support them like they support us.”

Unique feel to the community

Shopping locally keeps our community thriving; it allows the community to grow. When a community becomes overrun by chain stores, it takes away from the small-town feel we all know and love. The mass production of goods by huge corporations creates less product diversity, which makes unique gifts more valuable to the gift receiver.

Customer service

When going to a big box store, it is more likely there are employees going in and out the door like clockwork. This makes it extremely difficult to get a hometown feel and a friendly face who truly wants to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible. Madison Curtis, worker at Peters True Value for two years, this coming march, tells us her take on why having a knowledgeable worker is necessary. Curtis explains how local stores would be more knowledgeable than big box stores because they’re more likely to be specialized in different areas of their store. A second opinion when shopping can sometimes be a necessity; in a local shop, one is more likely to attain this help from an employee. “Supporting the people of your community, [helps form] valuable connections,” said Curtis.

What it comes down to

Small businesses are owned by individuals who had a dream and are trying to make it their reality. These individuals have a family and a life they must support outside of their business. They’re people, just like everyone else, and deserve to be able to have a flourishing life and have their dreams come true.

Shopping local this holiday season doesn’t mean every gift has to be from a local community store. It seems as time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to not be sucked into the marketing schemes played off by major retailers. Take time this holiday season to scope out some cute and fun one-of-a-kind stores. They’ve been right under our noses this whole time and it’s about time we start supporting them.